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Alyn Morgan
Alyn Morgan
Alyn runs our Information Department and is mad-keen on kit!

Skis & Bindings

  • Q: I am looking to purchase a new pair of skis. I am a confident intermediate skier, best suited to red runs and the easier blacks. I weigh 100kg but prefer shorter skis. Ease of use and stability are the two most important features I'd be looking for. View answer

  • Q: Is it advisable to undo the DIN setting of ski bindings while the skis are in storage? View answer

  • Q: I understand storing skis singularly helps to lengthen their life, so what is the best way to look after your skis when out of season? View answer

Ski Boots

  • Q: I used to have a pair of rear entry boots. I found them easier to put on than some front entry boots I have tried and wanted to know if I could buy a new pair. View answer

  • Q: I am interested in starting ski touring but want to know if I can do this in my normal alpine ski boots. View answer


  • Q: What are your views on helmets - we are experienced skiers who have skied on and off piste with Ski Club guides. We are 60 & 70 respectively. Any points to look out for? View answer

  • Q: I am interested in buying a new helmet with visor. I know Bolle do one. Do you know of any other makes. Also do you know if this type of helmet is any good? View answer

  • Q: I'm beginning to think that I've been very lucky not to have needed a helmet in over 30 years of skiing. Now, it's probably time-what should I be looking for? Are there any makes you particularly recommend? View answer

Safety Gear

  • Q: I am hoping to ski off piste on my next holiday. Do The Ski Club offer transceiver hire? View answer

  • Q: My girlfriend has broken her forearm, and whilst it will be out of plaster by the time we go skiing at the end of January it could do with some protection. Any suggestions? View answer


  • Q: I wear glasses all the time and have yet to find an efficient method of keeping my lenses fog free in extreme conditions. Is there a specialist set of snow goggles for low light near white out conditions? View answer


  • Q: Usually I have my snowboard serviced or at least waxed and the edges done after a week's holiday, however I've had it now several times that the edges were not done to my liking. Have you any advice? View answer

  • Q: I am 57 years old and reasonably fit. I have been skiing for 30+ years and I am curious about trying snowboarding. Do you think I should stick with what I am good at or should I give snowboarding or something else a try? View answer

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