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Ski Technique

Mark Jones
Mark Jones
A BASI trainer, Mark is one of the top British ski instructors in the mountains.

Intermediate skiing

  • Q: I used to ski with my feet close together, and spent years perfecting it, recently I have been trying to adapt my ski technique so I constantly ski with them apart but it doesn't seem to work, where am I going wrong? View answer

  • Q: I always feel happy and comfortable on the easy pistes, but as soon as it gets steep and bumpy my ski technique seems to go out of the window, how can I improve my technique to master the bumps? View answer

Off Piste skiing

  • Q: I really want to enjoy skiing in powder, it looks amazing, but every attempt ends in complete disaster after a couple of turns. I have been given so many tips but nothing seems to help me to improve my ski technique. View answer

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