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Injuries & Surgery

Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan specialises in knee surgery, but he can advise on a wide range of sports injuries.

Foot injuries

  • Q: I broke my ankle two years ago and now suffer some arthritis pain. I know my ankle is a mess after playing too much sqaush over the years. I'm seventy very active, still ski and play tennis. My question is if I have the ankle fused will I still be ab View answer

Knee Injuries

  • Q: My wife, a good skier, mid 60s, had keyhole surgery mid Nov 2012 for a torn meniscus. The op was successful and she's had good physio since. Would a knee brace help now, do they work, especially the high tech CTI type. View answer

  • Q: I had an accident couple of months ago. I've just had an MRI because of the continuing pain and this shows either a complete tear or a severe ACL tear. It will need an operation to find out. Will I be OK or is physio sufficient? View answer

  • Q: I dislocated my patella and have had months of hinged brace and physio - is there any specific advice for getting back onto skis, eg support and exercises? View answer

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Injury Prevention

  • Q: Some of our ski party are going to wear helmets this year. Is there really any benefit from wearing a helmet? View answer

Other Injuries

  • Q: I have developed a pin point pain in my right buttock on the outside of it, it isnt present when exercising but it exhibits as a stab type pain in certain every day positions. Can I train through it, can I stretch it out, what is it? View answer

  • Q: I broke my leg and had a plate put in the tibia. I can ski again but it's quite painful. Should I get the plate removed now? View answer

  • Q: I'm in my mid 60s and tore my MCL and ACL last year. I've had physio and have since been problem free. Is it safe to ski on? View answer

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