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Holidays & Travel: Choosing the right resort

Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris loves skiing and combines this with a passion for helping you to get the most out of your holiday.
Having skied in Europe for 20 years I am looking for a change and want to head to North America, which resorts should I look at first?

For your first visit to North America it is well worth visiting one of the big-hitters; not only will you get the best skiing but you’ll also get the uniquely American, or Canadian, ski experience. Be prepared to actually talk to other skiers on chairlifts, ride without the safety bar down and hear regular whoops and hollers on a powder day. But this is all part of skiing in North America so embrace it – but beware lift pass prices can be savagely expensive so book in advance and online to secure cheaper rates.

Vail in Colorado has some of the best tree runs in the country as well as a buzzing town designed, slightly bizarrely, to look like an Alpine village. Another fantastic option is Park City, host of the 2002 Olympics and newly linked to Canyons to form the USA’s largest ski area. The resort is also a mere 30 minute drive from Salt Lake City, making it one of the easiest to get to resorts in the US. And with almost 10m of snowfall each winter, powder turns are almost guaranteed. Over the border in Canada is the mighty resort of Whistler, perhaps your best bet. Its snow is unrivalled, the ski area enormous thanks to the Peak to Peak Gondola and the town is one of best in the world for food, drink and après ski.

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