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Holidays & Travel: For the non-skier

Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris loves skiing and combines this with a passion for helping you to get the most out of your holiday.
I am a cross-country skier but I wouldn't mind giving downhill skiing a go, can you recommend a resort that is perfect for both?

For this one I would look away from the Alps and to Scandinavia, which as you would know is the undoubted home of cross-country skiing. Nowhere else caters for cross-country skiers so well, with floodlit and groomed trails as common in the major towns and cities as football pitches. Many of the region’s best ski destinations also offer kilometre after kilometre of pisted cross-country trails so would be perfect for your requirements.

Probably the top resort to consider would be Are in Sweden, which is not only host to the country’s biggest ski area (42 lifts and 105 slopes) but also has 88km of prepared cross-country slopes around the beautiful lake in the valley. Another great option would be the Norwegian resort of Hemsedal which possesses 120km of groomed cross-country tracks through stunning valleys and forests. Many of these are floodlit which is perfect for the middle of winter when daylight hours are short. Combine this with some of Norway’s best skiing and you have an excellent choice of destination.

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