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Holidays & Travel: Travelling to the Alps

Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris loves skiing and combines this with a passion for helping you to get the most out of your holiday.
We're looking to drive to the Alps, which is the best route to take and can you recommend some easy-to-reach resorts?

If possible book a slot on the Eurotunnel as this will save you almost two hours compared with getting a ferry. Once in Calais take the E15 motorway past Arras, at which point it turns into the E17 for the leg to Reims. If you have time be sure to stop off here at one of the many champagne cellars for which the town is famous for. From here there are two options.

If you are driving to Switzerland or Austria then head directly east towards Strasbourg and the Rhone Valley. There are numerous spots here to spend the night around here – I would recommend staying in the Vosges Mountains near the beautiful town of Colmar. From here it a relatively short drive to Basel and the Swiss border which opens up the Swiss Alps and the Austrian Alps if you then head further east via Lichtenstein. A top tip is to not hit the Swiss border on a Monday as lorries are banned from entering over the weekend so the queues to get in at the start of the week can be horrendous.

If heading to the French Alps take a more southerly route from Reims via Dijon. Again you will be travelling through wine country so take advantage of the numerous caves and chateau that will sell their wares and also offer some incredible overnight accommodation. Depending on where you are heading, turn off the A6 motorway at Macon for resorts around Chamonix and off at Lyon to get to the Savoie region.

In terms of where to go for the quickest journey then think about Chamonix in France, Engelberg in Switzerland and Lech in Austria.

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