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Holidays & Travel: Off piste & touring

Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris Madoc-Jones
Chris loves skiing and combines this with a passion for helping you to get the most out of your holiday.
I've bought a new set of skins but do not want to travel too far away from the lifts, are there any suitable resorts?

A pair of skins will significantly enhance the off piste that you can access and the good news is that several resorts offer some fantastic lines within easy reach of the lifts. Hire a local guide, carry the relevant safety gear and be sure to heed all avalanche warnings before heading out there.

Andermatt in the heart of the Swiss Alps is one such resort, with numerous options on both the Gemsstock Mountain and along the Oberalp Pass. The resort also possesses one of the Alps’ best snow records giving a high likelihood of a powder day. With ambitious expansion plans well underway, lots of lifts are set to spring up in the coming years, linking it to nearby Sedrun, which may sadly reduce the scope for ski-touring in the area – so get on up there!

Although often overshadowed by its neighbours Tignes and Val d’Isere, the small but excellent resort of Sainte Foy offers some of the best easy access off piste in the French Savoie. From the top of the L’Aiguille chair the options are almost limitless and the Vallon du Clou has numerous routes within a short distance of the lifts.   

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