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Ski Club Freshtracks: Ski Club Freshtracks - Can I go?

Katy Ellis
Katy Ellis
Katy knows the Freshtracks holidays inside and out so any questions fire away.
I've never skied off piste but I am interested in learning. Do you have any suitable holidays?

We have plenty of courses that accommodate for aspiring off piste skiers.

This season we are once again running the Flaine chalets, where we host our most popular off piste courses. Pick a Learn to Ski Powder course if you're starting out, or choose a Improvers Powder Skills if you're looking to become a bit more adventurous off piste.

All of these trips will run under the guidance of the excellent Yann Westercamp & co. Click here for a list of off piste holidays for aspirer off piste skiers.

For a full list of Freshtracks holidays click here.

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