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Ski Club Freshtracks: Ski Club Freshtracks - Familes and Singles

Katy Ellis
Katy Ellis
Katy knows the Freshtracks holidays inside and out so any questions fire away.
My partner cannot come on a Freshtracks holiday this winter - are there single rooms available?

Of course you can! Over 70% of members who book onto a Ski Club Freshtracks holidays are independent travelers like you. We will find another member for you to share with or many of our holidays have single rooms at no extra cost, identified by the 'S' symbol. We pride ourselves on bringing people together who have the same goals for their holiday.

46 trips are able to offer single rooms for 2015/2016 and all of the course only trips are available for booking by single travelers.

For a full list of Freshtracks holidays click here.

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