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Equipment: Ski Boots

Alyn Morgan
Alyn Morgan
Alyn runs our Information Department and is mad-keen on kit!
  • Q: I used to have a pair of rear entry boots. I found them easier to put on than some front entry boots I have tried and wanted to know if I could buy a new pair.

    A: Rear entry boots are not readily available now. Modernisation of ski equipment has led to developments which have found better styles of boot. The now conventional front entry method, normally 4 buckles on the front of the boot, has been found to... View full answer

  • Q: I am interested in starting ski touring but want to know if I can do this in my normal alpine ski boots.

    A: Alpine ski boots (normal ski boots) are great for downhill skiing but are not the most comfortable things for ascending or walking on touring skis. If you are only doing short journeys before skiing downhill, then these would be OK. If you are... View full answer

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