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Avalanche transceiver hire scheme

Avalanche transceivers can be hired from the Ski Club at the following prices:

The Ski Club runs a hire scheme for avalanche transceivers. The transceivers can be hired at the following prices:

  • Members: £15 a week (Wednesday to Wednesday)
  • Non-members: £30 a week (Wednesday to Wednesday)

There will also be a £8 charge for post and packaging for up to two transceivers, and an extra £3 for each transceiver after this. There is a £120 returnable deposit for each transceiver.

If you would like to hire a transceiver please email with the following details;

  • Ski Club membership number (if applicable)
  • Number of transceivers you would like
  • Preferred model (if you have a preference - the models available are listed below)
  • Dates you will require the hire for
  • Postal address (a signature is required on delivery)
  • Contact telephone number for payment details

Once we recieve the email, we can confirm availability for the dates you have requested. We will not request payment details via email, so a contact telephone number is essential please.

We have recently added to the transceiver hire stock to include more three antennae models.

We have the following models of transceiver available for hire (subject to availability);

  • Ortovox
    • F1
    • M2
    • X1
    • 3+
  • BCA
    • DTS Tracker
    • Tracker 2
  • Mammut
    • Opto 3000
    • Pulse
  • Pieps DSP Tour

If you have any questions about these, or any transceivers please call the Information Department on 0208 410 2009.

Transceivers are vital if you are venturing off-piste, but they are only one part of the 'essential three'. You also need to carry a shovel and probe with you.

  • Avalanche transceiver: ESSENTIAL for skiing off piste. It's a kind of radio device with two modes - it transmits when skiing / snowboarding off piste and can be switched to receive to pick up the signal of a buried unit. They are worn strapped to the body.
  • If one or more of the party are buried by an avalanche the remaining skiers / snowboarders can use their units on receive mode to locate the missing skier. The transceiver directs the searcher to the buried person either by an audible signal that becomes louder as they get closer or a distance counter that decreases as they get closer.
  • By using transceivers buried skiers / snowboarders can be found quickly, greatly enhancing their likelihood of survival, and are therefore essential for off piste skiers.

  • Collapsible shovel: Essential if you carry an avalanche transceiver in order to dig once the person has been located, avalanched snow is surprisingly solid and difficult to penetrate with bare hands. This two-part lightweight shovel permits large scale snow movement.

  • Avalanche Probe: You need a probe to help locate a person's exact position, i.e. how deeply buried a person may be. Digging off track even by a foot wastes valuable time. In an avalanche situation every moment matters, and lives depend on speed of rescue.

  • You can buy probes and shovels from Lockwoods or 01926 339 388 where Ski Club members get special rates for purchasing safety equipment.

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