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Summer skiing and snowboarding

The end of winter in Europe doesn’t necessarily signify the end of skiing. You can ski in most of the major alpine countries all year round, thanks to some excellent glaciers.

There is also the added benefit of much warmer weather than in the winter so you can enjoy skiing in t-shirts and glorious sunshine.

The big difference between summer skiing and skiing during the winter months is that the glaciers are normally only open for snowsports in the morning as it gets too slushy and soft in the afternoon. The ski areas are also not as extensive as in the winter - a typical intermediate will ski all the runs in one morning - but as part of a summer mountain holiday, summer skiing is well worth trying.

During the European summer, there is of course a winter going on down in the southern hemisphere. There are some large (and small) ski resorts in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia If you can handle the long journey then skiing in the Southern Hemisphere can be a real adventure.

The Ski Club update snow reports for all the major resorts open in the summer months twice a week, as well publishing daily weather forecasts and a twice weekly snow overview.

If you can’t make it abroad to ski in the summer, don’t forget there’s a thriving ski scene in the UK. There are real snow and dry slopes all over the UK which are a great way to keep your skiing in top shape over the summer.

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