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Which ski resort to choose?

It's the million dollar question... ‘which resort should I choose for my ski holiday?’

Well, you can easily narrow down which resorts may be suitable for you and your family or friends by working out what is most important to you.

  • Do you want a relaxing and charming little traditional village?
  • Would you rather the hustle and bustle of a large, world famous ski town?
  • Is guaranteed snow cover more important than ski to the door accessibility?
  • Do you hate long transfers or do you love the journey through another country and the fantastic mountain scenery?

If you visit our Resort guides and look at the advanced search options, it can really help you to narrow down the resorts that will suit your needs. You can then link through to more information about the resorts you should consider, enabling you to narrow it down even further.

You can compare ski resorts side-by-side too, so that you can see all the key facts and figures that will help you make the all important final decision. While searching online can help you find out a lot about the resort you might want to visit, remember that as a Ski Club member you can take advantage of our the expert advice provided by our Information team. Drop them an email at or call 020 8410 2009.

Join the Ski Club and you’ll enjoy access to our Information service as well as many other member benefits!

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