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Chat Forum

There are lots of conversations for you to read as a guest, but to make the most of the forum and to post your questions and comments, you need to be a Ski Club member or a Registered User.

  • 6457
    Latest: 01 Feb 22:14

    Skiing & Snowboarding (general)
    For everything and anything to do with skiing and snowboarding. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting out, this is the place for you.
  • 8
    Latest: 30 Jan 18:01

    Share your experiences with others who are just starting out, or simply ask questions to those who’ve already made their first few turns
  • 716
    Latest: 26 Jan 08:58

    Have you got a private chalet/apartment that you're looking to rent out? Are you looking for somewhere to rent? Post your details or questions here.
  • 756
    Latest: 31 Jan 11:23
    Members only
    Members only
    Members' Meet Up
    If you're looking to meet up with members in specific resorts, on specific dates, then you can use our new CatchUp service above. For more general messages to other members, then this forum is the place for you.
  • 2623
    Latest: 01 Feb 13:48

    Resorts & Travel
    If you've got a question about resorts and travel, or you want to share your opinions and experiences with other skiers and boarders, you can post them here.
  • 149
    Latest: 01 Dec 18:13

    Family Skiing
    If you have any advice for families, like which resorts are child friendly, or any recommended ski schools and kindergartens - post it here. Use this forum to give and ask for advice - anything family related.
  • 325
    Latest: 31 Jan 20:18

    Snow Conditions
    Are you out in resort or have you just come back? What was the snow like where you were? Where were your favourite runs? Use this forum to discuss anything snowfall related.
  • 256
    Latest: 30 Jan 18:23

    Instructors / Guides
    Share your experiences and knowledge about ski and snowboard schools and private instructors with others.
  • 672
    Latest: 31 Jan 10:05

    Give us your reviews and ask your questions on ski and snowboard equipment - there's nothing better than first hand knowledge!
  • 244
    Latest: 23 Jan 17:00

    Buy, Sell, Swap
    Buy, sell and swap your own goods with other visitors.
  • 18
    Latest: 31 Jan 19:23

    Ski Club Freshtracks
    If you're already booked onto a Freshtracks holiday this season, or you're looking for advice on which holiday to go on then post your question here.
  • 591
    Latest: 01 Feb 09:06

    The Ski Club
    Use this forum to discuss any matters pertaining to the Ski Club. All comments are welcome.
  • 90
    Latest: 28 Jan 10:59
    Members only
    Members only
    Members' Suggestions
    Do you have suggestions on any topic about the Ski Club? Anything from leading policy and Ski Club TV, to and the chat forum itself, you can discuss it all here.
  • 921
    Latest: 20 Jan 18:39

    Ever fancy talking about something that's not winter-sport related? Now's your chance - our users often enjoy pastimes that have nothing to do with skiing.
  • 5
    Latest: 08 Jun 23:53
    Ski Club partners
    Ski Club partners
    Deals and Discounts
    If you're looking for a last minute holiday then look no further. The Ski Club and their partners are working tirelessly to find you the best deal for your last minute trip. Keep checking back to find more deals from your favourite ski companies. While members and non-members can't start discussions here, you can reply and ask questions when partners start discount threads.