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21 December 2006

Nominate A Skier Or Boarder For Ski Club Award

We would like YOU to help us select the next recipient of the 2007 Pery Medal.

The Ski Club of Great Britain has been awarding the Pery Medal since 1930 when it was awarded to Arnold Lunn for his “Advancement of the sciences of skiing and mountaineering. He made many valuable contributions to our knowledge of mountaincraft.” Below you’ll see the list of recipients since then.

The Pery Medal is awarded by the Ski Club of Great Britain to a skier, snowboarder, individual or organisation, of any nationality who has either:

a) made a notable contribution to our knowledge of mountaincraft in relation to snowsports
b) achieved distinction in exploration on skis/snowboard
c) notably advanced the technique of skiing/snowboarding
d) made an outstanding contribution to the success of competitive international snowsports
e) made an outstanding contribution to the development of snowsports

We would like YOU to help us select the next recipient of the 2007 Pery Medal.

Please give us your vote in our online survey. Your vote will help the Ski Club of Great Britain Council make their decision.

Past Recipients of the Pery Medal
(instituted in 1929 by the Hon. E C Pery, later the Earl of Limerick, DSO, President of the Ski Club of Great Britain 1925-27)

Year Recipient Reason for Award
1930 Arnold Lunn Advancement of the sciences of skiing and mountaineering. He made many valuable contributions to our knowledge of mountaincraft in relation to skiing. The present British ski technique was largely Arnold Lunn’s making, but his enthusiasm, energy, understanding and judgement have deeply affected the regulations of organised ski running throughout the world. Also author.
1931 Romilly L Holdsworth In the course of the Karmet Expedition he reached Meade’s Col on ski, this being the world height record for the use of ski. Mr Holdsworth had contributed important evidence of the value of ski in Himalayan exploration
1932 Vivian Caulfield Development of ski technique
1933 Gerald Seligman Devoted many months to a series of valuable observations and experiments in connection with snow in general and corniches and avalanches in particular. Much of this work practical value to the skier and all of it is of great scientific interest. His work on this subject is indeed on of the most valuable contributions to the scientific study of snowcraft that has yet been made.
1934 E C Richardson

Founder member of Ski Club - first British ski jumper to compete in international meetings. writer and author

1935 Miss A D Sale-Barker Downhill ski racer - one of first ladies to compete
1937 Peter N Lunn

Ski racer. Captain of GB Olympic team in 1936

1938 Marcel Kurz Pioneer of ski-mountaineering
1946 Sigmund Ruud Racer and jumper
1947 J A Palmer-Tomkinson Outstanding success in international competitive skiing
1948 Mrs Gretchen Fraser Winner of Olympic Ladies Slalom and first English speaking skier to win Olympic medal
1949 Miss Evie A Pinching Ski racer – Ladies World Champion 1936
1950 W R Bracken Ski racer, trainer and race organiser
1951 C E W Mackintosh Ski racer
1953 Hannes Schneider Founder (with Arnold Lunn) of Arlberg Kandahar. Founder of Arlberg ski technique
1954 Stein Eriksen Olympic racer 1952, World Championships 1954
1956 A Sailer Ski racer - triple Winter Olympic winner
1957 Count Aldo Bonacossa Race organiser and supporter of downhill racing, FIS committee
1958 Miss Lucille Wheeler Canadian ski racer - winner downhill giant slalom World Championships 1958, Olympic bronze in slalom 1956.
1960 Miss Anne Heggtveit Ski racer
1962 W J Riddell Racer and writer
1963 Andre Roch Racer and course designer
1964 Herman Geiger Pilot who rescued many mountaineers
1966 J C Cunningham Skill and experience as leader of expeditions to Antarctica
1970 Eric Shipton Mountaineer and explorer – Karmet, Patagonia
1971 Mrs Helen Tomkinson Olympic racer 1936, race organiser, FIS Honorary Member
1972 Miss Divina Galica
Miss Gina Hawthorn
British team racers - World Championships 1966/Olympics 1968
1973 Walter Amstutz Racer, race organiser, supporter of downhill racing, mountaineer
1974 Miss Isobel Roe Pre and post war British champion, founder of Ski Club Reps Course, junior championships, schoolgirl races
1975 The Hon Mrs Joan Raynsford OBE Chairman/President of Ski Club. Arlberg-Kandahar racer
1976 The Count de Pret-Roose Alpine traverse 1972, Reps Course leader, ski mountaineer
1977 Alan Blackshaw OBE VRD Leader, Alpine traverse, author, editor of Alpine Journal, ski mountaineer
1978 Mrs Maria Goldberger Manager, British Women’s Team 1968
1979 Sylvain Saudan Extreme skier, explorer, ski mountaineer
1981 Lord Hunt KG First ascent of Everest
1982 Konrad Bartelski Ski racer
1984 John Moore Cross country racer
1985 Mike Nemesvary Acrobatic skier, freestyle pioneer, helped set up Back-Up, a charity for disabled skiers
1988 Marc Hodler President FIS 1951, race organiser, supporter of downhill racing
1989 Miss Elisabeth Hussey Editor, Ski survey 18 years
1991 Robert Swan Explorer
1992 Lt.Col Guy Sheridan Explorer
1993 Dr Michael Stroud/
Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt
1995 Martin Bell Ski racer
1996 Professor Hugh & Mrs Myrtle Simpson Trans-Greenland polar expedition explorers, race organisers, historian, writer
1997 Martin Epp Mountain guide, well - known and popular amongst British skiers.
1998 Ali Ross Ski technique guru for many years. BASI trainer and book writer (How We Learned to Ski) the first ski instruction book available in 1973
1999 Peter Young Blind Nordic skier – Paralympic and World Champion
2002 Alain Baxter British Olympic slalom bronze medallist. Medal denied due to failed drugs test, but although he officially won his appeal he was not allowed to retain the bronze medal status.
2003 Franz Klammer Austrian ski racer - winner of Combined in 1974 World Championships, Downhill at Winter Olympics 1976, 3 Lauberhorns, 3 Hahnekamms and at least 15 downhill World Cups between 1974 and 1978.