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24 April 2006

Where’s Kev?

Blind daredevil Kevin Alderton, sponsored by the Ski Club of Great Britain, has set the first ever Blind Speed Ski World Record at the ‘Flying Kilometre’ in Les Arcs, France, with a remarkable speed of 100.94mph, in 2.21 seconds, over a distance of 1 kilometre!

On course for the record
Kev poses proudly at the finish line
Unstoppable ex-Service man Kevin, 33, clocked up the record on Friday 14th April after two weeks of intense training. Kevin set the record to raise awareness of St Dunstan’s, a national charity that helped him regain his confidence after he lost his sight.

Kevin said: “I feel absolutely amazing! It just goes to show that disability is no barrier to achievement, be it the ordinary or the extraordinary. The sky really is the limit.”

After serving 12 years in the British Army with the Honourable Artillery Company and Grenadier Guards, Kevin from Dartford, Kent, was injured in an a street attack and was subsequently registered blind in 1998. A keen skier for over 25 years, Kevin is currently undertaking World and European cup circuits and has also set his sights on the 2008 World Championships and the Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

To read up on the history of Kev’s campaign, check out Where’s Kev

To support the St Dunstan’s Blind Ambition Campaign please call 020 7616 7963 or donate online at

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