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10 December 2012

Recall of Ortovox 3+ transceivers

Ortovox are recalling 3+ transceivers that were shipped to vendours after 17 October 2012.

This is what Ortovox have to say about this on their site;

Ortovox 3 plusDuring search training, avalanche transceivers of the ORTOVOX 3+ model switched to transmission mode unintentionally after 120 seconds in search mode. Internal tests showed that a certain production batch of the 3+ can exhibit this behavior.We are responding immediately and, as a precaution, are recalling all devices shipped to vendors after October 17, 2012, for inspection and a software update. These devices can no longer be used without an update.

You can read more about this and check your serial number to see if it is affected on their site.

This does not affect Ski Club transceiver hire 3+ stock.