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13 November 2014

Put the glamour back into flying

Somewhere along the line, flying became a bit of a drag. Luckily SWISS know how to make the experience something to look forward to.


Once upon a time, not so very long ago, going on holiday by aeroplane was a glamorous undertaking. Your holiday began with the tremendous excitement of taking to the skies, your stomach fluttering on takeoff, your nose to the window - discretely - while you pretended not to be beside yourself with excitement at seeing all of the little houses and cars, car parks and spaghetti junctions, and then the fields, the coastline and sparkling sea. Perhaps you'd break through the clouds and emerge, flying between towering marshmallow clouds with the sun shining, full of optimism for a sunny holiday. Then, after only a few hours, you'd arrive somewhere completely new - the sheer miracle of flying was still fresh.
Sadly, these days, you're quite likely to feel more like the flight is something to get over with as soon as possible. Shuffling around the airport, often sleep-deprived and dragging too much luggage, you might feel anything but glamorous.

It's great that more people get to take holidays in far off lands, and as fares got more accessible being able to fly made a big difference to many people's lives. But there's no denying that some of the glamour was lost. Somewhere along the line, flying became something to feel grumpy about and get over with as fast as possible before the holiday could begin.

If you feel this way, we recommend a SWISS flight for your next trip. Here are five reasons why SWISS might just restore a little of the old glamour.

1. Swiss chocolate

Yes, it's a small thing, but when an elegant person in an ironed collar comes to your seat and offers you squares of Swiss milk chocolate from a basket, your holiday has begun. Unless people offer you chocolate in your everyday life, in which case you really have nothing to complain about. (Incidentally, if you like watching factories in action, you can see them making the chocolate here...)
There are dozens of other special Swiss bits and pieces aboard too, like cherry brandy from Lake Lucerne, wines from all over Switzerland, and pastries from posh bakeries. They even have Swiss-made pyjamas available in first-class.

2. Everything looks nice

SWISS have long had an eye on design - in fact the style guru Tyler Brûlé, publisher of Wallpaper and Monocle magazines, once redesigned everything from the cutlery to the lighting. Currently the business class seats on long-haul flights are designed by Swiss designer Patrick Lindon - they're comfortable, fully recyclable, and light to help use less fuel to get them up there.

3. Skis go free

On the subject of your skis, with other airlines it can actually work out cheaper to buy your bag a seat rather than pay for it to go in the hold. SWISS, though, are still offering free carriage of ski and snowboard equipment. While calculating the cost of your trip, it's well worth factoring this in - and don't forget that it'll mean you don't have to pay for ski hire. As well as the saving, you won't have to spend the bright, fresh hours of your first morning in a ski hire shop, but can hit the slopes on your very own skis or snowboards.

4. Fly from Heathrow's new terminal

SWISS just moved into Heathrow's Terminal 2, so everything will be shiny and new. There's less distance to walk, and the lounges are lovely, and you're guaranteed that new-terminal smell.

5. It all feels decadent, but isn't necessarily more expensive

As budget flights have become pricier, it makes sense to check the other airlines. Don't forget to factor in the cost of hold baggage (as well as the ski and snowboard equipment one other hold bag is complimentary on SWISS), something to eat on the plane (also complimentary on all SWISS flights as standard), of getting to the airport at antisocial hours, and of your transfer at the other end. Swiss trains run from their airports to most of the top ski resorts, saving a fortune in minibuses on hairpin bends. It's hard to feel glamorous when you're carsick...


So, there are five reasons that SWISS stand a good chance of putting the elegance back into flying. See all their little planes fly back and forth in real time here - it's enough to get you excited about flying again.

SWISS are one of the Ski Club's partners, and this article is part of some promotion for them, but as we hope you can tell, we feel genuinely enthusiastic about the SWISS experience. If you're going to fly, you might as well enjoy it! Book here, and if you are a Ski Club member you can get £25 off UK-Switzerland flights. See more about that fine state of affairs right here!

What could be more glamorous than a formation flypast with a SWISS Airbus A330 and the Patrouille Suisse? Strange and compelling...



  • Date: 29 November 2014
  • Thank you SWISS, for remembering that flying has always been, and will always be, special and magical.
    Ian Davis

Ian Davis
Ian Davis

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