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11 March 2017

The Rise of the On-Snow Festival

As festival season approaches we take a closer look at winter music festivals and why you might choose one over a summer event in the UK.

In recent years music festivals have become as comfortable staged at high altitudes between snowy peaks and under blue skies, as they are in their more traditional setting – a muddy field in the countryside. In heading to the mountains for their annual musical trip, more and more Brits are swapping their wellies for ski boots and their warm, flat tinnies for a glass of vin chaud.

As people ask more of their festival experience, music events have started to pop up in more and more interesting locations around the world. It’s difficult not to be attracted to the idea of a week of skiing under blue skies to the soundtrack of your favourite artists with a crowd of similarly minded individuals.

Festivals on snow, what's not to like?

Many ski areas are embracing the idea, with festivals taking over whole resorts at a time. As a result, festival promoters are often able to block book accommodation, transfers and lift passes for thousands of people, saving on price. A saving that is often passed on to the consumer and so prices will often be comparable to a normal ski trip. With the rising price of UK festivals you could definitely be forgiven for swapping your annual pilgrimage to a field in Dorset for a week in the Alps.

These festivals are particularly popular with young professional groups who would otherwise struggle to justify the expense of a ski holiday in addition to a summer festival. Not only because you kill two birds with one stone but also because of the social aspect and community festival feel which can often be absent when booking a run of the mill ski holiday. That, and the hangovers tend to get much worse past 30!


Snowboxx in Avoriaz is leading the way with unique on snow experiences.

Skiing all day and then getting down to your favourite artists at night already seems like a pretty novel idea right? Promoters are going one step further providing a plethora of other parties and activities for revellers. Ranging from late night pool parties and on piste paintballing to log cabin raves in the woods and igloo shakedowns, these festivals are focussing heavily on unique experiences for attendees. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

So you’ve had enough of the music and fun for one day? Well if you were in your muddy field it would be a 30-minute slog through the mud only to realise you had arrived at the wrong tent, but you’re not, you’re in a ski resort. Your accommodation is easy to find and you have and actual mattress and a hot shower in the morning to help you wash away any hangover that might be lingering still.

And that’s not where the conveniences stop. In a ski resort you of course have the luxury of restaurants over burger vans (although if you look hard enough there is still plenty of fast food), and when you run out of bog roll you only have to pop around the corner. You really get the best of both worlds: a festival feel with resort convenience.


As with all weeks in the mountains though there are risks involved which you should be aware of, especially when drinking and making merry at altitude. We partnered with the Foreign Office on their #SkiSafe campaign highlighting some potential issues you may run in to in resort and now best to avoid them! Find out more here.

Festivals aren’t for everyone though. If you’re hoping for a quiet escape then you would do well to double check your chosen resort’s events calendar before booking to avoid accidentally getting sucked in to the party!

The Ski Club will be at Snowboxx from the 18th March for a week in Avoriaz. If you’re in town keep an eye out for our blue jackets or come and see us at our stall for some fun and games and special offers!

For advice on resorts head to our resorts section on the website, or ask one of our expert team.


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