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What is my ski standard

To help find the best holidays, choose your on piste and off piste skiing standards

Each holiday is designed to suit people with a particular level of experience so that you will ski with others of a similar ability. That way no one is left behind and no one is held back. Please establish your level of skiing before you choose when and where you wish to join us. This way you are sure to select the perfect holiday.

On Piste Select standard Off Piste Select standard

Early intermediate on pisteEarly intermediate on piste

  • Ski confidently on blue runs maintaining a consistent speed
  • Ski red runs in good condition
  • Blacks are still too intimidating at this stage
  • With about four weeks' experience, your control is improving
  • You may have many years' experience however choose to stick to the blue runs

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Note: We will provide transceivers on all off piste holidays, however please come equipped with a back pack, shovel and probe.

Intermediate on pisteIntermediate on piste

  • Ski parallel confidently on groomed red runs, maintaining a consistent speed
  • Experience of skiing a variety of snow conditions, though bumps may be a challenge
  • Ski red runs top to bottom all day with limited stops
  • Working towards being able to conquer black runs
  • Skied for approximately 8 weeks

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Aspirer off pisteAspirer off piste

  • Minimum silver standard on piste, and keen to try off piste
  • Looking to learn to ski off piste or improve off piste technique
  • Linking more than five or six turns in ungroomed snow is a struggle
  • Fit and with the attitude and aptitude to progress

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Advanced intermediate on pisteAdvanced intermediate on piste

  • Comfortable and in control on a red bumps run
  • Ski confidently on moderate black runs
  • Used to varying turn radius to cope with challenging conditions
  • Confident and fit enough to ski piste at pace all day with limited stops

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Intermediate off pisteIntermediate off piste

  • Can link about 10 to 15 continuous turns in deep powder snow
  • Can safely negotiate a variety of off piste snow conditions including chopped up powder and wind crust without holding up the group
  • Need more practice and tuition to gain consistent control
  • Gaining confidence confident to control speed and direction in steep terrain off piste

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Advanced on pisteAdvanced on piste

  • Confident to ski the whole groomed mountain, including steep blacks, varying turn radius to cope with conditions
  • Ski top to bottom on red runs and all but the toughest blacks, regardless of changes in snow quality and terrain
  • Enjoy skiing bumps except in particularly icy or difficult conditions
  • You try to take the fall line whenever possible, enjoy high energy skiing and are fit enough to ski fast all day

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Advanced off pisteAdvanced off piste

  • Confident and competent to ski all but the most difficult slopes regardless of changes in terrain, but not always at the fastest pace
  • You may have many years experience and be good in powder but you need to work to improve in difficult snow and therefore are not ready to progress to our expert category
  • Ready to tackle steeper slopes and ski faster, you love to ski off piste whenever possible
  • Technically good, you ski fast, are fit, and don’t mind the odd climb to reach a perfect slope

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Expert on pisteExpert on piste

  • Ski fall line descent of all runs including bumps, fluently and at a fast pace, regardless of changes in snow quality and terrain
  • Able to manage speed control and comfortably vary your speed and turns as the terrain demands
  • Enjoy skiing steep slopes and can ski icy or challenging snow conditions
  • You're used to skiing hard and fast all day and are extremely fit

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Expert off pisteExpert off piste

  • Maintain a strong pace regardless of changes in snow quality, including breakable crust and deep powder
  • Ski controlled fall line descents on the steepest terrain
  • Extremely fit, you ski fast and fluently off piste on steep slopes and enjoy skiing couloirs

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What is my ski standard?

If you have been on a Ski Club Freshtracks holiday over the past five seasons we will have a record of your skiing standard, as assessed by the holiday leader, instructor or mountain guide. If this is your first Ski Club Freshtracks holiday we can help you assess yourself. There are a number of factors that contribute towards your skiing standard such as technique, speed and fitness. As you can imagine, some people over-estimate their abilities and others under-estimate. If you are in any doubt which holiday would be best, please call us as, if you do mis-grade yourself, you may be asked by your leader/instructor/mountain guide to make alternative skiing arrangements at your own expense.

Use the information above as a guide to your standard. For touring holidays, make sure you also read the additional information on ski touring.


Skiing is a demanding sport and so it is essential to take into consideration fitness levels when making decisions about your ski standard. Fitness is a key part of skiing ability and so it is important when choosing a holiday to ask yourself how far you can, and are prepared to push yourself. Whether you are comfortable cruising the reds all day with a long lunch stop or are looking for more of a physical challenge with turn after turn in deep powder, a good level of physical fitness is required in order to make sure you get the maximum out of your holiday and avoid unnecessary injuries. It is recommended that you participate in at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week for a minimum of three months in the run up to a skiing holiday. Please be aware that leaders are entitled to lower members ski standard, and in exceptional circumstances they can ask members to leave the ski group if they feel their fitness hinders performance and delays other members of the party.