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Safety equipment

Safety Equipment


Skiing is a brilliant and fun sport and there is nothing quite like being in the mountains, however it is worth remembering that there are elements of risk and responsibilities. Below, we have noted some points to encourage best practice on the mountain..

ON Piste

On any holiday ON piste, you are not required to carry a back pack, however it is generally advisable to carry some water and other essentials with you – listed below

  • bottle of water
  • a spare layer of clothing
  • sun cream
  • snack
  • own emergency insurance details
  • resort piste map
  • mobile phone - plus list of local emergency numbers

OFF piste

To promote best practice, anyone skiing off piste must carry a rucksack (ideally min. 20 litre) containing the following items alongside the advised items above.

  • Collapsible shovel
  • Probe

We do provide transceivers on all off piste holidays if you do not own one.


Many skiers and boarders choose to wear a helmet; these are usually readily available for hire or purchase in resort.


In order for you to be safe on the mountain you need to be fit enough for the trip you are undertaking. Skiing is a demanding sport and so it is essential to take into consideration fitness levels when making decisions about your ski grading. Fitness is a key part of skiing ability and so it is important, when choosing a holiday, to ask yourself how far you can, and are prepared, to push yourself. Whether you are comfortable cruising the reds all day with a long lunch stop or are looking for more of a physical challenge with turn after turn in deep powder, a good level of physical fitness is required in order to make sure you get the maximum out of your holiday and avoid unnecessary injuries. It is recommended that you participate in at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week for a minimum of three months in the run up to a skiing holiday.

Check out our fitness and safety pages for more information.

Mobile phones

It can be useful to take your mobile skiing with you, remember that you cannot rely on getting a signal in the mountains. However, it is believed that mobile telephones, if switched on, can affect the transmitting signal of an avalanche transceiver. It is safer to switch your mobile off when skiing off piste.

Avalanche Transceivers/ ‘Bleepers’

Wearing avalanche transceivers is essential for everyone skiing away from marked pistes. These are radio devices, worn strapped to the body, enabling skiers buried by an avalanche to be found quickly, greatly increasing their likelihood of survival. We keep a record of whether members own a transceiver. If you do, you will be expected to take this with you and use it on your Ski Club Freshtracks holiday. Avalanche transceivers should be worn by every skier on every off-piste holiday and all skiers of Adv. Int. ‘silver’ on-piste profile and above.

NB If you are booked onto an on piste holiday in Italy, it is worth noting that due to local restrictions, when skiing off piste you are required by law to have a shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver at all times. The Ski Club provides avalanche transceivers for everyone of silver on piste profile and above on all holidays, on or off piste, but not shovels and probes. This is particularly relevant to those on Action/Development/Weekend holidays in the Aosta region which includes Courmayeur.