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Holiday search: Heliskiing

An experience like no other

Who needs a chairlift when you have a helicopter?

For many, heli or cat skiing is the ultimate form of the sport. You're guaranteed to ski on untouched snow far from the crowds, amid truly spectacular scenery.

Cat skiing involves transport up the mountain on what you would normally know as a piste basher, while a helicopter offers a fast and breathtaking way of accessing freeskiing paradise. Whether it's cat or heli, it is quite simply and unforgettable skiing experience.

  Resort Date Standard Price Type
Canadian Backcountry Escape
Canadian Backcountry Escape

If you love your off piste and are looking for an unforgettable experience then how about some cat skiing in the powder mecca of British Colombia?    5 days Cat Skiing -... more

Revelstoke Revelstoke Mar 6th - 17th Advanced off pisteExpert off piste £3,750.00
Sainte Foy Heli Exploration
Sainte Foy Heli Exploration

This off piste heliskiing holiday based in Sainte Foy is set up for a week of powder skiing with mountain guides and instructors. As well as exploring the Tarantaise ski area you'll be crossing... more

Sainte Foy Sainte Foy Mar 22nd - 29th Advanced off pisteExpert off piste £1,350.00