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Ski Club Leaders Search


How To Apply

Become a Ski Club Leader

To apply for the Ski Club Leaders’ course you’ll need to download an application form, complete it and return it to:

Owen Chapman
Leaders Department
Ski Club of Great Britain
57-63 Church Road
Wimbledon Village
SW19 5SB

You’ll also need to download two reference forms to be filled in by your referees (two Leaders or one Leader and one instructor/mountain guide). If you don’t have contact details for a Leader then let us know and we can forward the reference form on to them.

Once we have received and processed your application we will contact you to let you know if we would like to invite you for an interview. If asked to attend an interview, this will take place at the Ski Club office in Wimbledon and will last an hour. Unfortunately we can’t do telephone interviews.

Unsuccessful applications may be due to your skiing/snowboarding standard being insufficient, your general unsuitability to the role or that the course is fully booked. If this is the case, or if your interview is unsuccessful, then re-application is by invitation only.

If your invitation is a success you’ll then receive more information on the Ski Club Leaders’ course in December including a booking form. You’ll also need to attend one of a choice of five weekend BASP First Aid courses in the UK in November.

If you have any enquiries about applying or experience any difficulties downloading your application or reference forms, email Owen Chapman, Leaders Department, at or call 020 8410 2011.