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Ski Club Leaders

Ski Club Leader
The Ski Club has hundreds of volunteer Leaders active in 17 resorts worldwide.
Ski Club Leader
Experienced skiers & snowboarders who know the best places to go in the resort.
Ski Club Leader
Whether you are an improving skier or love adventurous off-piste skiing. Ski with people of similar ability and aspiration.

Ski Club leading programmes by email

Tell us which Ski Club resort you're going to and we'll email your Leader's ski programme to you a week before your holiday.

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Ski Club Leader
Unlike other types of rep, a Ski Club Leader has no motive other than to lead you to the best times on the snow
Ski Club Ambassadors
Leaders are taking on a new role in French resorts this season - as resort Ambassadors

Pre-register with a Ski Club Leader

Ski Club members can now pre-register their interest in skiing with a Leader.

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Some of our Ski Club Leaders

  • Toby Mace Toby Mace

    I've skied in many of the well-known (and several not so well known) European and N American ski areas. I love tree skiing - preferably...

    Leader's Profile
  • Gillie Revill Gillie Revill

    As you might guess from the photo, I live in southern Spain! So from April till November I'm dreaming about the white stuff while...

    Leader's Profile
  • Robert Moore Robert Moore

    I first learnt to ski in Scotland, Aviemore was the venue, a caravan the accommodation and I was only 4 at the time. Having an older brother...

    Leader's Profile
  • Andy Laurie Andy Laurie

    I first skied at 16, in a field behind someone's house, so I didn't find out what a piste was for some time. I did find out very...

    Leader's Profile