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freestyle snowboard technique

play Snowcast Extra: get into UK freestyle
Snowcast Extra: get into UK freestyle

Many top freestyle skiers and snowboarders learned their skills on a dry or indoor...

play On-Piste Tricks
On-Piste Tricks

Becci Malthouse explains how to do some impressive flat land tricks, including the sliding 360 and the...

play Riding Fakie
Riding Fakie

How to ride your snowboard backwards, or fakie as it's also known.

play The Snowpark
The Snowpark

An introduction to the daunting snowpark and a guide to what you might expect to find there.

play Grabs

Aerial snowboard style starts with grabs. They also help you keep control from take off to landing.

play Learning a New Trick
Learning a New Trick

This clip shows how to approach learning a new freestyle snowboard trick. From the Boarding Skool...

play Snowboard Trick Glossary
Snowboard Trick Glossary

Snowboard trick terminology can seem like a whole different language. This clip explains the...

play More On-Piste Tricks
More On-Piste Tricks

More flat land snowboard tricks for you to learn including the half cab and the all-important ollie.

play Trick Tips with Dan Wakeham
Trick Tips with Dan Wakeham

Britain's number one halfpipe snowboarder offers some freestyle hints and tips including the...

play How to do a Backside Air with Lesley McKenna
How to do a Backside Air with Lesley McKenna

Lesley McKenna teaches us how to do a nice backside air in the halfpipe....