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The Ski Club's ski resort guide includes detailed ski resort info & advice, piste maps, village maps, ski resort reader reviews, facts & figures and pros & cons to help you choose the best ski resort for you.


Andorra & Spain
Skiing in Spain? The uninitiated might baulk at the prospect, but there is some serious fun to be found in this neglected (at least for winter holidays) corner of Europe.
Australian ski resorts are located in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.
Austria is justly regarded as one of the world’s finest winter sports destinations.
Skiing in Azerbaijan
Bulgaria & Slovenia
Bulgaria, located in Europe’s far east, adjoining the Black Sea, has a solid share of the British ski market.
Although Canada has a relatively small share of the UK market, those who have experienced it tend to become ardent, returning devotees.
The ski industry, like everything in China, is growing every year.
Czech Republic
There are many ski resorts in the Czech Republic, although the greatest concentration of resorts is in the Giant Mountains (Krkonose) in the north. The mountains in the Czech Republic are relatively low compared to the Alps but the snow can be good.
France’s appeal as a ski destination attracts winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world.
The German part of the Alps known as the Bavarian Alps is home to hundreds of ski resorts which offer everything from cross-country trails to Olympic downhills.
Iceland isn't the first country that springs to recreational skiers minds, but if you love skiing off the beaten track it's a fantastic place to go. For the experienced ski tourer Iceland is almost unparalleled.
Skiing in India will give you the chance to experience a holiday like no other.
The Iranian government’s attitude to tourism could be described as disinterested at best.
The Italian heritage that the British have so long admired – incredibly varied architecture, landscapes and traditions – applies of course to the country’s mountainous regions, the Dolomites and the Alps.
Japan’s increasing popularity among Western skiers has been one of the biggest ski industry stories in the last few years.
New Zealand
For most skiers, the distance involved makes a trip to New Zealand a one-off proposition.
As a new member of the EU, Poland is trying to match its EU counterparts in terms of tourism, and in their day-to-day dealings with tourists they put a country such as France to shame.
Romania is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediates looking for something a little different from a ski holiday.
In Russia, there’s no central government controlling tourism, so very much like the rest of the country, it’s a free-for-all.
Scandinavia occupies a peculiar place in the snow-sports directory. There probably isn’t another skiing and snowboarding region on the planet so full of paradoxes.
Scotland is home to the only true ski areas in the UK, with five different Highland centres to choose.
Serbia is still developing its facilities, but it has a great snow record and offers excellent value for money.
Beautiful, traditional, with pine-cld skiing
South America
If New Zealand is a minority concern for most skiers, then South America has to be even more specialist interest.
Switzerland – it’s a name that conjures up images straight out of The Sound of Music: dramatic, snow-peaked mountains, charming little villages, dinky red mountain trains winding their way through spectacular valleys and pale brown cows with vast bells dangling round their necks.
Skiing in Turkey
Perhaps the best word to describe US skiing is ‘versatile’.

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