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Your most comprehensive ski resort guide

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The Ski Club's ski resort guide includes detailed resort reviews, piste maps, photos, village maps, facts & figures and pros & cons to help you choose the best ski resort for your ski holiday.

Ski Club resorts

The Ski Club has Leaders and Ambassadors in 28 resorts worldwide, helping you to make the most out of your time on the snow.

Favourite resorts

What are your favourite ski resorts? Here are the Ski Club's most popular ski resorts over the last 7 days.
9 days
ItalyCervinia Light snow 8cm 0cm 0cm
SwitzerlandSaas Fee Light snow 6cm 225cm 0cm
FranceTignes Light snow 6cm 30cm 0cm
FranceVal d'Isere Light snow 7cm 0cm 0cm
SwitzerlandZermatt Light snow 9cm 105cm 0cm

Resort reviews

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Awesome experience
Overall rating: 3 stars
Peter Jack
Stunned by out its brimming beauty. The view of that lake and the surrounding scenery has to be ranked up there as one of a lifetimes best views! Amazing location! more...

Piste map search

The Ski Club has over 2000 piste maps online, as well as town and terrain maps for over 250 resorts. If you can't find one you are looking for, please email and we'll see what we can do.

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Unsure of where to ski this year? Use the Ski Club's compare ski resort functionality to help you make your decision. Compare altitude, lifts, runs, reviews and resort services in one easy step.
Resort overview
Resort altitude1620m1600m1124m
Ski Club LeaderYesYesYes
Ski Club Freshtracks holidaysYesYesNo
Lift pass (week)CHF417.00 - CHF480.00€210.00CHF318.00
Ski Club member discountsYesYesYes
User rating5 star rating 4 star rating 4 star rating
WeatherNo reportNo reportNo report