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Green Resort Guide

Choose a resort to see its environmental record: or compare resorts with our environmental overview of resorts

Respect the MountainRecycling at MammothThe Green Resort Guide has been set up to provide information about the eco-friendliness of ski resorts. We hope to drive up standards in the industry by highlighting the resorts that are doing a lot to help preserve the environment, as well as those that aren't doing much at all.

By looking at the development of ski resorts around the world, it is impossible to avoid certain trends. Whilst resorts used to report new ski runs each winter, now they more often report new snowmaking coverage.

Warmer average temperatures and slowly declining snowfall also hint of climate change, but the fact is that glaciers are melting, and this piece of evidence is not easy to simply dismiss.

Litter pickingThe affects of climate change have more to do with mankind's activities worldwide, rather than just the activities of skiers and snowboarders. However, an increasing number of ski resorts, tour operators and others connected with wintersports are trying to do what they can to minimise the impact of snowsports on the mountain environment.

Skiers and boarders are some of the first to see the impact of climate change, and the vast majority love the beauty of winter in the mountains and endeavour to help preserve the white world that draws us to the slopes.

In our search to discover what individual resorts are doing to help minimise their impact on the environment, we often found the information hard to come by with a few worthy exceptions.

While it is difficult to compare the efforts of individual ski areas when there are so many different ways to make a difference, we have tried to find common ground for comparison.

Since resorts are continuously increasing and improving their environmental practices, we update the Green Resort Guide throughout the year. If you have any information about new resort environmental policies/practices or anything that you think we may have missed, please email