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Snow overview - our twice-weekly round up of the latest snow conditions in the mountains

Snow Overview

Our twice-weekly round up of the latest snow conditions in the mountains

Get the latest snow and weather conditions in all major ski areas updated on Monday and Thursday afternoons by the Ski Club's information department.

Monday 06 July 2015


Summer time conditions are quite evident across Europe at the moment, particularly in Austria where the slopes are quite wet and slushy. The better conditions can be found in Cervinia, Italy and Zermatt, Switzerland. On the flip side of the planet, in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand continues to enjoy a great start to their winter season, with Australia falling behind slightly but fresh snow has fallen. In South America it is still Argentina that has the more favourable conditions when compared to Chile.

Sunshine and clouds with the occasional period of rain were seen in Austria on Monday so the pistes were quite soft and wet at times.

Another sunny day was seen in France on Monday, followed by lighter clouds in the afternoon.

Cervinia was a nice place to ski on Monday as it was mostly sunny and good links were available to access Zermatt, Switzerland.

Zermatt was bright to begin with on Monday but it got a littler cloudier later on in the day.

The Blackcomb mountain is now open in Canada and it was nice and sunny on Monday.

Timberline, North America enjoyed blistering sunshine once again on Monday.

The skies were mostly cloudy in Australia on Monday but the cover and low temperature is expecting to bring fresh snow.

Fresh snow has blessed the New Zealand resorts over the weekend and it is now possible to ski at almost all of the resorts.

There has been fresh snow falling in Argentina which has given our featured resorts a much needed boost. Chile still remains closed all except for Termas de Chilean.


The slopes in Austria have suffered a little of late due to the rise in temperature and the occasional rain shower. The best slopes are certainly the uppermost ones on our glacial resorts. Monday 6th July was quite changeable as we saw sunshine and cloud with a few spots of rain showers and the odd crack of thunder.

Until more snow hits the ground it is best to avoid the off piste and stick to the groomed slopes. There are still plenty of good slopes available, albeit a little wet but why not head to the Dachstein Glacier (200cm) where they had three out of five lifts operating on Monday and freshly groomed slopes.

The Stubai Glacier had their pistes closed on Monday due to the thunder storms.

Weather predictions are so far indicating the next few days will be quite wet but it should start to brighten up by the middle of the week.


Both Tignes (70cm) and Les Deux Alpes (250cm) were both open for snow sports on Monday 6th July. Both resorts enjoyed warm sunshine with light clouds. Overall visibility was very good so it was a great day for summer time skiing. The slopes had typical spring like qualities, starting out quite firm but becoming quite slushy by the afternoon. Nine lifts were operating in Tignes and 13 lifts in Les Deux Alpes. It hasn’t snowed for a short while so the off piste is quite limited but good piste skiing is certainly on offer in both resorts.

The week ahead will be quite changeable so we could see sunshine followed by light rainfall.


Zermatt (0/140cm) started out quite bright on Monday 6th July but clouds began to develop later in the afternoon. It was quite a hot day with a mid-mountain temperature of around 15C so the slopes were quite slushy by the time the sun reached its peak and 13 lifts were turning for those out on the slopes. The forecast looks fairly similar to Monday’s conditions with a mixture of sun and cloud with a hot climate.

Saas Fee’s glacier is closed until the July 19th.


Cervinia (130cm) was open for skiing on Monday 6th July with the Plateau Rosa offering good slopes with easy access into Zermatt, Switzerland. Three lifts were open on Monday and the weather was mostly sunny with a few groups of cloud spread across the sky.

North America

Whistler Blackcomb Mountain (100cm) enjoyed a sunny day on Monday 6th July. It was quite hot so there will be quite a few shiny goggle tans now so if you are heading out there this week sunscreen should be packed. Five lifts were operating on Monday and the best slopes are at the highest points with the lower runs struggling a little.

The Palmer Snowfield at Timberline (0/70cm) still has good skiing available but it is up high on the glacier. The terrain park was also open on Monday 6th July to run alongside slushy slopes and excellent views.


A new week in Australia began with high cloud cover across all of our featured resorts. Conditions are still moderate at the moment as the snow hasn’t been falling heavily enough. There has been some light snowfall over the weekend with a few flurries here and there.

The best conditions can be found in Mount Buller (5/40cm) and Falls Creek (5/48cm) as they offer the highest base depths coupled with their snow making facilities. Of the remaining resorts that we feature, the majority of their slopes are formed from artificial snow. All of the available slopes in Australia are well groomed so good skiing can be found but off piste is a no go at the moment.

There’s goods news around the corner as the week ahead has been forecast for consistent light snow.

New Zealand

Mt Lyford (10/20cm) has pushed their opening date back to 8th July as they need a little more snow but the good news is that fresh snowfall is forecast from Tuesday 7th July through to Thursday 9th.

Mt Dobson (60cm), My Olympus (77/85cm) and Rainbow (25/55cm) all opened for snow sports over the weekend and with fresh snowfall for the start of this week the skiing is very good at the moment. Of these three resorts, Rainbow reported the greatest amount of fresh snow with 15cm falling for 6th July.

Treble Cone (105/225cm) reports the deepest snow base in New Zealand at the moment and around 15cm of fresh snow fell this weekend. This could be a great week to ski Treble Cone as more snow is expected to fall over the coming days too.

On the North Island the conditions are not quite as good, but this week could see things improve at Turoa (30/59cm) and Whakapapa (20/40cm) with fresh snowfall predicted every day this week.

South America

Chile is still struggling with a lack of snow so all resorts are closed except for Termas de Chilean (20/35cm), which recorded some light snowfall over the weekend, just enough to freshen up the slopes. Despite their win the in Copa America, they aren’t competing with Argentina yet as their season is looking much better. Las Lenas (51cm) clearly has the best base depth at the moment and on Monday 6th July three lifts were running. Overall skiing is still limited in parts but the gates are open for people to access the lifts.
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