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Snow overview - our twice-weekly round up of the latest snow conditions in the mountains

Snow Overview

Our twice-weekly round up of the latest snow conditions in the mountains

Get the latest snow and weather conditions in all major ski areas updated on Monday and Thursday afternoons by the Ski Club's information department.

Monday 01 September 2014

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On Monday morning Europe saw a mixture of weather with light snow falling in Austria and sunshine across Italy and Switzerland. In the Southern Hemisphere in South America there were snow showers falling over Argentina and Chile. Across the pond on the other side of the globe in New Zealand it was predominately sunny with scattered snow showers. Australia was mainly sunny in the morning with denser clouds forming later in the day.

There were temporary closures due to weather conditions. The Molltal Glacier (230cm), Austria was closed due to high winds.

Mount Lyford, New Zealand is closed until Friday 5th September due to the resorts efforts to preserve snow conditions.

Cervinia (100cm) was closed due to high winds on Monday.

Les Deux Alpes, France has now closed for the summer season.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon, USA has also closed for the summer season.


Light snow was falling on Monday 1st September at The Hintertux Glacier (110cm), with an estimated 1cm falling. It is certainly welcomed as it has refreshed the pistes and the temperature was nice and cold, averaging around 2C. There were eight lifts running on Monday, the visibility was quite limited due to the fresh snow fall but it is expected to be brighter in the next few mornings but each afternoon looks like it will bring more cloud cover but there is a chance of more snow falling.

On Monday The Molltal Glacier (230cm) was closed due to high winds.


All of our French resorts are now closed for the summer and will reopen when winter approaches.


There has been fresh snow falling in Switzerland over the weekend. Saas Fee (200cm) received around 7cm and Zermatt (120cm) had up to 6cm. Both resorts had a sunny day on Monday 1st September with Saas Fee having a little more cloud cover than Zermatt. The recent snow fall has freshened up the pistes considerably so you can expect some amazing conditions if you are heading out to either resort soon.

The forecast ahead looks quite sunny up until Thursday. So if you are heading out I would recommend taking plenty of sun cream and don’t forget your sun glasses.


Cervinia (100cm) was closed on Monday 1st September due to high winds.

North America

All of our featured American and Canadian resorts are now closed until the winter season arrives.


Spring conditions are beginning to become apparent in Australia with many resorts starting the day with firm pistes but softening up in the afternoon sun. The pistes still remain in good condition though as there are no reports of slush at the moment.

Perisher (154cm) had the most recent snow fall with around 2cm falling on the 26th August. On Monday 1st September it was a bright start to the day with increasing clouds developing later in the afternoon. It started out quite chilly with an average mid mountain temperature of around 2C but as the sun rose higher the temperature increased enough to soften up the pistes.

The conditions were quite similar in Mount Hotham (95cm) too on Monday with the resort being quite sunny to begin followed by the pistes softening up in the afternoon sun. There were more clouds in the afternoon which affected visibility.

The forecast is indicating a good chance of light snow fall on Tuesday across Australia, with more sunshine coming through on Wednesday.

New Zealand

It has been quite a sunny Monday for most of New Zealand. Spring conditions are starting to become apparent in the afternoon as the pistes are starting to soften up. It isn’t affecting the quality of the pistes though as there are no reports of poor, slushy conditions.

The Remarkables (145cm) is still offering excellent piste skiing and on Monday 1st September the resort had nice sunshine which continued all day long. The recent sunshine is softening up the pistes in the afternoon but remain in a good condition.

Mount Lyford (25cm) has been closed until Friday 5th September as the snow is suffering a little so the resort team are trying to preserve the current conditions.

Turoa (243cm) was quite fortunate with weather as they received a light snow fall. All nine of their lifts were open for their snow sports enthusiasts to enjoy their excellent piste skiing.

The forecast ahead looks mainly sunny for the week ahead. There is a chance of light snow fall to Turoa and Whakapapa.

South America

The snow has been falling all day in South America. Both Argentina and Chile have been blessed with fresh snow fall.

All of our featured Argentinean had new snow with Las Lenas (110cm) receiving the most, with up to 15cm falling across the day. Monday 1st September saw 11 of their 14 lifts running and their pistes are in a great state thanks to the new snow.

Chapelco (66cm) had up to 3cm and Cerro Catedral (90cm) had up to 5cm. Its great news for the resorts as it has added a nice new layer to the pistes.

The forecast for Argentina looks quite cloudy for the week ahead with more sunshine prevailing on Thursday. There is a chance of snow fall as a result of the cloudy skies so fingers crossed.

The snow was falling across Chile too with Termas de Chillan (340cm) receiving the most with up to 10cm falling during the day and more is forecast for Monday evening and early on Tuesday.  All 10 of their lifts were running to provide access to the fresh pistes and fresh powder off piste.

Portillo (76cm) also had fresh snow with up to 4cm falling. The Three Valleys of El Colorado (60cm), La Parva (50cm) and Valle Nevado (40cm) received up to 5cm which is good news for the pistes as a fresh layer has been added.

The forecast ahead for Chile is looking very cloudy with a chance of more snow. If you are skiing Chile this week then ensure you have low light lenses with you.
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