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Snow reports - the best snow reports online

Snow Reports

The best snow reports online

The Ski Club’s snow reports are the best online, offering snow conditions, snow depths, fresh snowfall, resort weather and lift operations for over 250 resorts worldwide. The snow overview is a twice weekly summary of the skiing conditions around the world, plus up to nine days weather and snow forecast, webcams and 18 years of historical snow data – meaning you can find out where to go for snow.

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Snow report glossary

Snow and weather data can vary depending on many factors. The data we provide gives you an indication of the conditions you can expect but, as conditions can vary so widely, the data is not a guarantee of the conditions at this resort. Weather data comes from our detailed weather forecast.
Upper piste depth
An indication of the snow depth on the upper prepared slopes.
Lower piste depth
An indication of the snow depth on the lower prepared slopes.
Last snowed (fresh snow)
The date of the last snowfall and the depth of snow that fell on that day.
Last 7 days
The total snowfall reported over the last 7 days.
Next 9 days
The total amount of fresh snow predicted at mid-mountain level from our detailed 9 day forecast.
Piste quality
An indication of the general piste conditions on the open pistes.
Off piste snow
An indication of the general off piste conditions.
Lifts open
An indication of the number of lifts that are open out of the total number of lifts possible in this resort/ski area.
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Snow conditions for Ski Club Leader resorts at a glance

7 days
9 days
Off piste
AndorraSoldeu - Grandvalira 100cm 50cm 30 Jan (30cm) 44cm 77cm Powder Powder 14 out of 17
AustriaIschgl 75cm 20cm 30 Jan (5cm) 42cm 21cm Powder Powder 32 out of 45
AustriaKitzbuhel 74cm 49cm 30 Jan (5cm) 47cm 22cm Excellent Powder 26 out of 57
AustriaMayrhofen 85cm 30cm 30 Jan (10cm) 67cm 16cm Excellent Powder 21 out of 25
AustriaObergurgl 185cm 58cm 28 Jan (7cm) 34cm 32cm Powder Powder 12 out of 21
AustriaZell am See 119cm 30cm 30 Jan (10cm) 39cm 46cm Powder Powder 20 out of 26
CanadaWhistler 122cm 122cm 22 Jan (4cm) 0cm 75cm Hard Crud 26 out of 26
FranceAlpe d'Huez 160cm 110cm 30 Jan (53cm) 88cm 47cm Powder Powder 30 out of 49
FranceArgentiere 180cm 50cm 30 Jan (56cm) 129cm 70cm Excellent Powder 42 out of 68
FranceAvoriaz 230cm 180cm 30 Jan (60cm) 117cm 51cm Excellent Powder 29 out of 34
FranceCourchevel 101cm 95cm 30 Jan (45cm) 95cm 35cm Powder Powder 37 out of 53
FranceFlaine 190cm 135cm 30 Jan (35cm) 92cm 63cm Powder Powder 15 out of 23
FranceLa Plagne 150cm 65cm 30 Jan (45cm) 95cm 42cm Powder Powder 78 out of 97
FranceLes Arcs 165cm 115cm 30 Jan (60cm) 112cm 51cm Powder Powder 39 out of 54
FranceMeribel 141cm 70cm 30 Jan (40cm) 78cm 31cm Powder Powder 26 out of 41
FranceTignes 165cm 95cm 30 Jan (40cm) 75cm 58cm Powder Powder 29 out of 81
FranceVal d'Isere 128cm 65cm 30 Jan (40cm) 76cm 55cm Powder Powder 7 out of 42
FranceVal Thorens 140cm 90cm 30 Jan (50cm) 90cm 29cm Powder Powder 31 out of 31
ItalyCervinia 230cm 45cm 30 Jan (40cm) 70cm 60cm Powder Powder 6 out of 14
ItalySauze d'Oulx 80cm 50cm 30 Jan (20cm) 22cm 32cm Powder Powder 49 out of 69
SwitzerlandDavos 203cm 72cm 30 Jan (30cm) 78cm 16cm Excellent Powder 46 out of 59
SwitzerlandGrindelwald 148cm 27cm 30 Jan (15cm) 74cm 64cm Good Powder 9 out of 9
SwitzerlandKlosters 203cm 72cm 30 Jan (30cm) 78cm 22cm Excellent Varied 46 out of 59
SwitzerlandMurren 168cm 75cm 30 Jan (23cm) 98cm 63cm Powder Varied 9 out of 12
SwitzerlandSaas Fee 230cm 40cm 30 Jan (10cm) 30cm 50cm Powder Powder 5 out of 21
SwitzerlandVerbier 185cm 75cm 30 Jan (30cm) 75cm 62cm Powder Powder 61 out of 82
SwitzerlandWengen 95cm 45cm 30 Jan (10cm) 60cm 61cm Excellent Powder 18 out of 19
SwitzerlandZermatt 200cm 10cm 30 Jan (10cm) 25cm 57cm Excellent Powder 9 out of 54
USAJackson Hole 195cm 170cm 30 Jan (8cm) 16cm 68cm Hard Crud 12 out of 12
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