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Sandy Mcgilvray: Ski Club Leader

Member since: August 2011

Sandy Mcgilvray

About me

I started skiing quite late, although having decided that I am more than a bit hooked, I have been attempting to make amends every year since. There is not much that beats a good day on the mountains, whether it chasing a bit of steep and deep or simply cruising enjoying the amazing scenery. There is generally enough time for both, and then plenty of time to discuss the days events over a beer. I have skied America, Canada, Europe ( oh and of course the mighty resorts of Australia and NZ), and as long as you turn up with a desire for fun with perhaps a bit of adventure.They pretty much all deliver. I became a leader to share my love of the mountains with others, so look forward to meeting a lot of you on the slopes.

Leader since: December 2011
Snowsports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski touring, Sledging

where Sandy has been a Leader

La Grave
FranceLa Grave3 star rating
SwitzerlandDavos2 star rating
SwitzerlandNendaz4 star rating
Jackson Hole
USAJackson Hole4 star rating

where Sandy is leading in resort this season

Jackson Hole
USAJackson HoleSandy's programme
04 Feb 2017 to 25 Feb 2017

best skiing or snowboarding moment

A white out day in Verbier so everyone had written the day off, save a few brave( stupid?) soles. We were rewarded at 3 oclock when then sun came out shedding light on a foot of untouched fresh powder and an empty mountain to enjoy it on:)

skiing or snowboarding aspiration

Heli skiing in Alaska