It is pleasing to see potential Council members vigorously promoting their candidacy. However, there have been a few inaccuracies and opinions mentioned.



Normally we would wish to wait until the AGM but given the seriousness of the subjects I feel it best to explain the current position now.



I would therefore like to invite you to join me on a video-conference (see details below), during the next week, where you will be free to ask questions.



Themes will include:



2018/19 Financial result: The true picture emerged in August and September. Following many years of stable budgeting, 2018/19 was a shock, in particular due to:



Budgeting to sell 100% of holidays, when the North American programme failed to sell, and other holidays ran at less than full capacity.

Drop off in April/late season bookings, related to Brexit concern, especially around the original 31st March proposed exit date.

Adding Leaders to holidays automatically, based upon passenger numbers, adversely affecting the expected contribution of holidays.

Spending based upon forecast income rather than actual revenue.


Finance Planning for this year: We have fully reviewed our budgeting, planning and cost control processes. The accounts have been completely reviewed on a line-by-line basis, to fully understand all cost elements. This year’s budget has been comprehensively reviewed to return to a neutral basis, based upon cost control rather than revenue.



Legal position of Leaders: Leaders, now reps, are members, and are free to ski as they wish, with members as a fellow member. This has been explicitly explained at the training days.



Decision to stop Leading: Some may choose not to believe it, but it is explicit. Believing different doesn’t change the legality and the risk to the Club as a whole.


Re-instating the Leader Service: The Club will never condone illegal activity; Leading cannot be re-instated, unless there is a significant change in the legal position. Having said that, we will regularly review with our lawyers to see if the prevailing climate has changed.



Consultation: All of Council were informed immediately and all bar one Council member agreed that, whilst sad, the Leading service had to change. What further consultation is required when something is illegal and directly places the future of the Club at risk?



Insurance: All reps will be fully insured for legal and public liability, as long as they expressly do not behave as a Leader. This has been explicitly communicated at the Rep Training Days.


Former Leaders putting in place legal support: This is unnecessary as all reps are fully insured. We would like a clean run at the first year of repping without this confusion - let’s do it properly and take our time to build it into something consistent and great for everyone.



Accountability to members: Council exists for members, to assure stewardship of the Club. Any member is welcome to discuss concerns or ideas and suggestions with either a Council member or the management at any time – this is, and will always be, the case.



Council-endorsed Candidates: Council this year has sought to attract and identify suitable candidates and decided to endorse candidates based particularly with regard to professional experience. In addition, we’d like to have some diversity; we’ve more than enough middle-aged men about! Let’s have some professional experience from others, representing different elements of society, and different demographics to help us broaden the appeal of the Club.



There have been a few comments made by former Leaders who have yet to attend briefings for this coming season. We hope that they take the time to fully understand the position of the Club regarding these various points before taking to social media. We don’t expect everyone to agree, but at least to put the Club’s interest before any personal agenda.



We will discuss these subjects at the remaining Rep Briefing Days, and of course at the forthcoming AGM on 14th November. We hope you will be able to join us – please confirm your attendance to



If you have any questions please email us at



We hope for a fair and open election process, but hope that members vote based upon facts.



It has been a tough summer, with a lot of difficult, frustrating subjects to resolve. But they are being resolved, and at the same time we are working hard not only to protect the future of the Club but also to make the Club more attractive and open to all, and above all, a fun place of which to be a part.



Thank you for your continued interest and support. Looking forward to seeing you soon.







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