A vision of the future of the Club

The Ski Club of Great Britain is over 100 years old and through the years it has seen and adapted to the changing Snowsports landscape. As the industry continues to change the Club adapts in order to continue its core aims.

The Ski Club’s mission

To encourage and support people to ski and snowboard, providing all those who love Snowsports with social, safe, enjoyable and inspiring Snowsports experiences.

Our objectives:

  • Existing Members: provide enjoyable experiences, social skiing, events and exceptional service.
  • Non-Members: Engage all ages and abilities across the UK, appeal to younger audiences and families.
  • Other Activities: affordable, unique and immersive holiday experiences, multi-trip insurance products; reinvest in membership services.
  • Profile: develop a compelling voice to influence the Industry’s sustainability and future development.
  • Safety and Trust: uphold the Club’s reputation for best practice in mountain safety and awareness.