Ski Club of Great Britain Sustainability Policy

We believe in winter and all that the mountains have to offer. We want to play our part in ensuring that winters are here for future generations and the mountains we love are cared for as they should be.

We recognise that our activities in the UK have an impact on the environment, most significantly our office, our events programme, staff travel and procurement. We also recognise that our member activities abroad, in particular our flights, travel and use of ski resort facilities have an impact.

With this in mind we are developing a comprehensive plan to improve our sustainability, starting with how we can make changes here in the UK.

We acknowledge that these are small steps to begin with, but we are aiming high. The plans outlined in this policy represent our first step towards helping to protect the mountains.

We are then looking to gain sustainability certification, develop a long-term plan for the environment and ultimately reduce the potential impacts of all Ski Club activities.

Our Aims:

Short term:
  • Improve sustainability across all business areas – the office, travel, events and procurement
  • Make sure all staff are aware of the Sustainability Policy and are committed to upholding it
  • Encourage our members, partners and suppliers to be aware of the Sustainability Policy
  • Introduce low-carbon holidays, such as by travelling to the Alps by train
Long term:
  • Reduce the environmental and carbon footprint of the Ski Club
  • Gain sustainability benchmarking and certification from a recognised organisation and build on this year on year to reduce our impacts
  • Reduce the impacts of our holiday programme and offer to cleaner, greener holidays

Our First Actions

Office: Reducing Energy Consumption

Lighting, Equipment and Appliances – Ensure lights, equipment and appliances are turned off when not in use and energy efficient versions are purchased to replace older models

Heating and Air-conditioning – Set comfortable temperatures and encourage staff to bring additional layers and lighter options

Reduce Emails – Staff to minimise unnecessary emails to reduce email carbon footprint, by collating information where possible and unsubscribing from non-essential publications

Office: Reducing Waste

Recycling – Follow strict recycling procedures with all recyclable material to be separated and recycled

Printing – Reduce printing to only essential documents, publications and collateral material

Invoicing – Plan to digitise all invoicing


We will ensure event venues are within easy reach of public transport, whilst all decorations and promotional material are to be reused where possible.

Staff Travel:

Commuting – Over 50% of staff cycle already, continue to promote the Cycle to Work scheme

UK Meetings – Travel by public transport where possible

Work Abroad – Travel by train if possible or ensure onward travel to resort is made by train or shared transfers


We will ensure all of our merchandise is sustainable, useful and necessary and if possible made from recycled materials. We will also implement a system to recycle or reuse unwanted ski gear from the team, our Reps and all members.


We are researching options to make our Freshtracks, New Horizons, Peak Experience and Mountain Tracks holidays more sustainable. With have introduced holidays in 2019/20 with train travel options via the Snowtrain to Bourg-Saint-Maurice – click here for more information.

Our Next Steps

Short Term

  • Implement the Ski Club’s Sustainability Policy
  • Create a sustainability section on the Ski Club’s website and make Ski Club Members aware of our commitments
  • Work towards sustainability benchmarking and accreditation for the Club using an external organisation
  • Create a plan for expanding the Sustainability Policy to our Freshtracks, New Horizons, Peak Experience and Mountain Tracks holidays and all Rep activities in resort

Long Term – Looking to the Future

  • Develop and expand the Ski Club’s Sustainability Policy and further raise awareness within the Ski Club’s membership
  • Offer sustainable holiday options, including travel and transfer options by train
  • Look at options to offset all flight carbon emissions and holiday trip emissions
  • Investigate the possibility of supporting mountain-related initiatives