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    Robert Moore

    Dates leading on resort: From: 06/01/2018 To: 27/01/2018
    I first learnt to ski in Scotland, Aviemore was the venue, a caravan the accommodation and I was only 4 at the time. Having an older brother & sister gave me an incentive to catch up and I still ski with both of them Caravanning in Aviemore in the winter was defiantly an unforgettable experience, memories of parents putting candles under the butane gas bottles to make breakfast in the morning, frozen leather ski boots and horizontal winds that blew you up the mountains and zero visibility,I did learn to ski and I haven't been back there in 36 years!! I still love skiing and in December 2009 I passed as a “leader" and have spent several weeks each winter since then leading in resort and on Fresh tracks holidays My challenge for this year is to become an experienced kitesurfer, even though I live alongside a wonderful beach in west Cumbria, this is proving to be a bigger challenge than expected Come and join me on a skiing trip soon, fun and good skiing guaranteed. (snow dependent!)
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    Alice Armstrong

    Dates leading on resort: From: 27/01/2018 To: 10/02/2018
    Into water, frozen or floating, hence sailing and snowsports are my favourite ways to spend time. I work as the Training Manager at Ballyholme Yacht Club (RYA Dinghy Training Centre) and as there is slightly less sailing in winter, I try to get to the Alps when I can. I learnt to snowboard on Ruapehu in New Zealand (I'm a Kiwi, Irish, British mix) since then have enjoyed the softer European snow. I am single with tonnes of amazing nephews and nieces who I love to bits and I look forward to seeing them on the snow when they are bigger. The best thing about snowsports for me is the amazing environment we ride in. After that, I love the feel of the snow below me, the challenge of changing terrain off-piste, the edge when carving, and of course the great craic (Irish for fun with good company).
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    Anna Baker

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/02/2018 To: 24/02/2018
    I have been on snow since the age of 2 when I began exploring Argentiere, mostly clinging to my dad's leg as I bumbled along! Since then I have improved somewhat and enjoyed family skiing, a few years of competitive racing with DHO whilst at school and during my time studying architecture at Dundee University. I love technical on-piste skiing but am now on a mission to hunt out more off-piste and start to really enjoy finding new routes and conquering other parts of the mountain. Most of all I love being able to share my enthusiasm and enjoyment of the sport with others who feel the same. At the end of the day it's all about fun... be warned, I'm a whooper! Originally from Glasgow/the Isle of Arran, I now live in London and have recently started work for Harrods as an architectural project manager. As a leader I am hoping to follow in my father David's footsteps and enjoy sharing great skiing with great people for many years to come...
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    Simon Hanton

    Dates leading on resort: From: 24/02/2018 To: 10/03/2018
    I started skiing late but there was no turning back and haven't missed a year since then! It all began in Austria before trying the big French resorts and several in North America. Soldeu in Grandvalira has become a big favourite with its huge ski area centred on this sociable little village. Leading provides a great chance for a few extra weeks on the snow and an opportunity to share the passion with like minded people!
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    Rob Palmer

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/03/2018 To: 24/03/2018
    I love to get to the mountains whenever I can. And whatever the snow conditions, it's always great fun to share the sense of adventure with groups of like minded people. We have an apartment in Andorra, giving us the opportunity to make frequent trips to the Pyrenees. Home is on the edge of Dartmoor, so we spend lots of time tramping the hills here too. I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!
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    Craig Rostock

    Dates leading on resort: From: 24/03/2018 To: 07/04/2018
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