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    Joseppe Jenkin

    Dates in resort: From: 04/01/2020 To: 18/01/2020
    I have been lucky enough to have been skiing from a very early age, coming from good Austrian/Cornish stock; I spent my early winter years on the mountains surrounding Innsbruck learning and perfecting my falling with style technique. Since then I have had a couple of years racing, and qualified as an instructor, while serving in the army. Squeezed in 5 seasons working as an instructor/guide in Kitzbuhel , perfected the game of nails and acquired a taste for schnapps. My passion for skiing and the mountains has never diminished. As a Rep I look forward to sharing this passion and enthusiasm with others who feel the same, and enjoy some great skiing together…
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    Michael Chase

    Dates in resort: From: 18/01/2020 To: 01/02/2020
    I have been skiing since the age of 18 and have enjoyed many seasons in the Alps instructing and leading ski trips. Having taken a break from this to concentrate on my career and my daughter's skiing I was taken by a friend on a ski club Fresh Tracks trip to Chamonix. I enjoyed it so much I joined as a leader and haven't looked back since! I have skied extensively over the last 35 years in Europe, North America and Japan. As well as my passion for skiing I love Cricket, Squash and Sailing and am trying to love Golf!
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    Steve Nixon

    Dates in resort: From: 01/02/2020 To: 15/02/2020
    I started skiing in my late twenties and got hooked. I have skied in lots of different resorts all over Europe, often using my varied travels to seek out new places. I became a ski leader in 2015 and I plan to ski with lots of members over the coming years. Outside of the winter months my main hobbies include driving my racing car and keeping fit, often doing running events for charities. As for work, well I am an interim executive, which means I go in to businesses and help run them for a period of time, often being called in when things need turning around. These assignments take me all over the world. Thanks for checking out my profile and I look forward to skiing with anyone who wants a great time out on the slopes. Cheers Steve
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    Damian Tow

    Dates in resort: From: 15/02/2020 To: 29/02/2020
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    Andy Smith

    Dates in resort: From: 29/02/2020 To: 14/03/2020
    I learned to ski in a field, most of the time was spent walking up but I loved it all the same. Nowadays I like exploring the hidden parts of resorts, visiting favourite restaurants and generally being in the mountains. Kitzbuhel is a wonderful place to ski - a charming, friendly medieval town with a huge variety of skiing. So I'm really pleased to be back as the club's rep from 29 Feb to 14 March 2020. Social hour is in the Glockenspiel Bar from 6.30-7.30 every evening, including Saturdays. It's a great time to share stories and plan for the days ahead. I'll be delighted to see you there - even more so if you pre-register on-line. Otherwise simply come along to the meeting place by the piste map at the bottom of the Hahnenkammbahn. New members very welcome!
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    TBC Rep

    Dates in resort: From: 14/03/2020 To: 28/03/2020
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