Reps List

    Trevor Hughes

    Dates in resort: From: 02/01/2021 To: 16/01/2021
    The best place to ski is where you are, ..... so in the words of Big Dan the van man at Vail " Let's go skiing " !
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    Andy Lapham

    Dates in resort: From: 16/01/2021 To: 30/01/2021
    People go self employed for many reasons, mine was partly to make room for skiing ! I am a passionate skier having started at an early age and love sharing my passion for skiing by leading in resort and on holidays. Now in my sixth season I am looking forward to meeting up with members in Whistler. If you are in Whistler from mid Feb to first week of March then I hope to see you either at the morning meeting point or at the evening social hour.
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    Ian Wilson

    Dates in resort: From: 30/01/2021 To: 13/02/2021
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    TBC Rep

    Dates in resort: From: 13/02/2021 To: 13/03/2021
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    John Cook

    Dates in resort: From: 13/03/2021 To: 27/03/2021
    I first discovered skiing when I was 11 and went on my first ski holiday with my school to Austria - I can't remember where, it was a very long time ago! Never mind, the place didn't leave much of an impression but the sport certainly did. I continued to ski until my 20's when it became a religion and I then qualified as an instructor. That still wasn't good enough, the passion grew and grew until now in my 30's, the time came for a career break: I left the world of design and set up a small independent ski company based in the Chamonix valley. Which I ran successfully for 5 years, until the real world caught up with me again. I saw the club leader position, not merely as a means to ski more, but give back some of my passion for the sport by helping other skiers enjoy there holiday to the max., through what I see as an invaluable club service. So what happens when the snow melts? You'll often find me on the Dorset coast windsurfing, running, cycling ...... See you on the slopes!
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