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Snow overview for Canada

17 January 2020

Updated: 24th September 2021

A significant low-pressure area over Anchorage, Alaska, is being powered into the Pacific Northwest by the Polar Jet Stream, bringing with it a terrific weather front, plunging temperatures and bringing the first considerable snowfall for the north western seaboard and Rockies.

The highest points of the coast range have seen several inches of snow in the past week with more expected as temperatures drop from 15˚C to 1˚C almost overnight. Lower down however, precipitation will remain as rain affecting resorts such as Whistler. Further inland, the Canadian Rockies have received a blanket of snow with 4in expected on the highest points. Rising temperatures at lower levels means this is unlikely to hang around.

Out East, the weather remains fine, with little to no prospect of snow in the coming weeks.

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