Reps List

    Jeff Marksz

    Dates in resort: From: 05/01/2019 To: 26/01/2019
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    Lorraine Dodd

    Dates in resort: From: 26/01/2019 To: 16/02/2019
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    Nicholas Gregory

    Dates in resort: From: 16/02/2019 To: 09/03/2019
    I've been skiing since I was a teenager. Lived in Japan for many years and loved the skiing there. I've also skied a lot of resorts in North America and Europe. In the summer I focus on hiking and climbing.
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    Ryan Davison Crisp

    Dates in resort: From: 09/03/2019 To: 30/03/2019
    Like many British skiers, my ski journey began with a wet and cold school trip to Norway. 11 years old and instantly hooked, even the -36° plus wind chill that closed the resort couldn't halt my enthusiasm. Over the years I have skied many resorts in Europe, particularly enjoying the delights of Austria. However, after an amazing trip to Lake Tahoe in 2008 I have developed a love affair with North American skiing, exploring ever since. For the past two seasons I have based myself in Whistler, a resort which I love. I have also luckily enjoyed time heli and cat skiing with several operations, most notably Crescent Spur. Backcountry experiences like these have left me thoroughly addicted to steep trees and deep blower powder. When not searching for pow, I am a photographer, a keen writer, an academic and a film nut. I am well versed in the practice of après-ski and always up for a laugh. I hope to see you in the mountains this season.
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    Alan Rawson

    Dates in resort: From: 30/03/2019 To: 20/04/2019
    Love skiing, from cruising the blues to steep and deep. Whatever it is I'm just happy to be on the slopes. When I'm not doing that I like being out on my bike in and around the North Downs.
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