Valmeinier is a sharp contrast to linked Valloire: a modern apartment- based ski station - happily low-rise and in traditional chalet style, so easy on the eye. That's Valmeinier 1800, where most of the lodgings are to be found - mostly apartments, though there are two modest hotels. Across the hillside is the original village of Valmeinier 1500, plus assorted hamlets dotted around. The home slopes face just south of west. From 1800 a six-pack goes up about 700m serving easy intermediate slopes, while across the hillside above Valmeinier 1500 slow chairs serve more testing runs below Le Gros Crey (2595m) - there are great views from here. At 1500, a cross-valley chair connects with Valmeinier's side of Crey du Quart and so with Valloire.

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