Our holidays are matched to ski profiles, see where you fit in on our grading system.

These guidelines are by no means an exact science, so don’t panic if you’re unsure of your profile – give our team a call on 020 8410 2022, they will be able to match your ability to certain trips. When you’ve worked it out, take note of where you stand and look for corresponding coloured symbols on our brochure and Freshtracks holidays. Please also note that fitness is very important when assessing your ski profile, particularly if you’re heading off piste or on a ski touring trip.

On Piste

These ratings relate to your skiing ability within the piste markers when sticking to the groomed trails. Consider how you adapt to changing snow conditions and ensure that you think too about your fitness level.

Off Piste

Things are very different away from the pisted runs, so think about how your skiing changes in the deeper stuff. Fitness is more important too as off piste is more tiring, especially if touring is required.
We will provide transceivers on all off piste holidays, however please come equipped with a backpack, shovel and probe.

On Piste Ski Profile

Competent skiing all blues in all conditions and easy reds in good conditions About 4 weeks or more of experience but likes to stick mainly to blue pistes. Able to maintain consistent pace and turns on blue pistes. Prefers to ski pistes in good conditions and avoids icy or bumpy terrain.
Competent skiing all reds in all conditions and easy blacks in good conditions Around 8 weeks of experience and likes to stick mainly to red pistes. Able to confidently parallel ski groomed red pistes with limited stops. Enjoys groomed pistes and prefers to avoid bumps or icy slopes.
Competent skiing in control on any red piste and most moderate blacks Several years of experience and enjoys skiing the whole mountain on piste all day with limited stops. Able to vary turns to cope with more challenging terrain. Able to ski icier pistes or easy bumps, though prefers to avoid larger bumps and may need to stop to rest more frequently in trickier conditions.
Competent skiing blacks and easy bumps whatever the conditions Confident skiing the whole mountain at a good pace all day, can vary turns and control speed to cope with steeper pistes or tricky conditions. Several years’ experience at a number of ski areas. Skis top to bottom except on the toughest blacks. Can handle a variety of conditions including ice and larger bumps.
Competent skiing the fall line on all blacks and bumps whatever the conditions Enjoys skiing the fall line of the steepest and most challenging terrain, including bumps, regardless of terrain and snow conditions. Considerable experience of many ski areas over many years. Expected to ski more than two weeks each season. Can safely and confidently negotiate any conditions.

Off Piste Ski Profile

Skis easy off piste terain in good snow conditions Minimum of Advanced Intermediate level on piste. Willing and able to venture off piste on easy slopes (less steep than a blue). Limited experience, from no off piste to a few days or weeks. Relatively fit with the attitude and aptitude to progress.
Competent skiing moderate slopes off piste (blue-red steepness). At least a few weeks off piste experience. Able to link several turns in light powder (to just above boot height) on a uniform base. Can manage easy untracked terrain, but prefers no obstacles and may struggle to link turns in poor light.
Competent skiing advanced, steeper slopes off piste (red+ steepness) Several years’ off piste experience and some knowledge of mountaincraft. Used to spending the whole day off piste in varied snow conditions. Skis confidently and enjoys powder. Can ski with consistent speed and turn shape in all but the most challenging conditions. Able to handle a variety of conditions, including lightly crusted and wind affected snow.
Competent skiing all off piste in all snow conditions Confidently and safely skis all skiable off piste with a controlled line, in the widest variety of snow conditions. Experience skiing off piste in many ski resorts over many years, throughout the ski season and in all types of snow. Excellent knowledge of mountaincraft. Skis with fluidity and confidence in almost any conditions. Seeks challenging terrain and snow.

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