Travelling with the Family

Whether you fly, drive or go by train, here are some tips for a smooth journey – tips that hopefully will make your journey a lot easier!

It generally takes a while to get out to the mountains, with the Alps approximately 10-12 hours away by car, or a door-to-door 6-8 hours if you're flying. These are pretty long trips for anyone, but can prove to feel even longer if you have children in tow. Pack some good snacks, take a load of entertainment options and remember a good sense of humour too!


Driving out to the mountains from the UK can be a practical, cost-effective and enjoyable way to get to your ski resort, but if you have small children it's a long journey. Break up the journey with lots of stops, a sleepover en-route and lots of 'in-car' entertainment.

If you're staying in self-catering accommodation, it's a good idea to do your shopping in a supermarket in a larger town on the way, rather than pay resort prices for a limited selection. For more information, check out our guide to driving to resort.


Flying with small children is never easy, but flights to the European ski destinations are only a couple of hours at the most, and you can minimise your total travel time by choosing a resort with a short transfer time. Valet parking at your UK departure airport is often a similar price to normal parking, and definitely makes a journey with children easier.


Taking the train is another option, which has the added benefit of being environmentally sound. Remember to take plenty of snacks and drinks for small children. You can find much more information in our travelling by train section.

Top Tip!

Try and take a buggy that can be pushed in the snow. Small collapsible 'Maclaren' types might be easier for travelling, but they are extremely difficult to push in snow, whereas 'all terrain' types are much easier. Ask in resort if your tour operator provides any of the extras, such as a buggy, nappies and travel cots.

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