The journey from making your first turns to tearing through gates or forests can seem like a long one. Every skier, however, has been through the same journey, whether they enjoy skiing with their family or are winning medals on the World Cup tour. These pages can help you with everything from packing the right kit, planning your first holiday, and making your first turns, whether right her in the UK, in the Alps or around the world.

Already thinking about snow? There are huge opportunities to grow your skiing away from the traditional family holiday, including school skiing trips that have inspired generations of skiers and New Generation's series on learning to ski.

You don't have to spend lots of money heading to the Alps to get into snowsports! There are a huge range of opportunities to ski and board right here in the UK, include your local dry slope, indoor snow centres or one of five Scottish mountain resorts. These all offer cost-effective and local options to get anyone into snowsports.