Mountain Safety Equipment Rental

For the 2019/20 winter season, the Ski Club is excited to announce the expansion of their avalanche transceiver hire scheme. This service will now offer the opportunity to also rent an avalanche probe and snow shovel, as well as the option of renting a backpack to carry the equipment. Please fill out the Rental Request Form below to reserve your kit and to specify the rental package you want.

A shovel and probe are as vital as a transceiver when skiing off piste, and the possession of one of these items without the others offers little value to yourself, or other skiers. If you have your own shovel and probe, we have an option to hire just a transceiver, but be aware that just skiing or boarding with a transceiver is not good practice – we recommend having all three items.

In line with industry best practice and guidance from Bruce Goodlad – our Head of Mountain Safety – the equipment included will be an Ortovox metal shovel and a 2.4m probe. The backpack provided will be an Ortovox Powder Rider 16, perfect for single day excursions with space for the equipment as well as space for other essential items.


There are three pricing tiers this season and rentals last for 10 days:

  • Transceiver only £15 (additional 10 day periods £15 each)
  • Transceiver, shovel and probe £20 (additional 10 day periods £20 each)
  • Transceiver, shovel, probe and backpack £25 (additional 10 day periods £25 each)


Safety equipment will be posted using the Royal Mail's Special Delivery Overnight service and are delivered by 1pm the following day. A signature is required on delivery, so if the item cannot be signed for then they will not deliver it. We post your rental to you the week before your departure to ensure you receive the transceiver(s) in time for your trip and can familiarise yourself with their functions.

To further improve the rental process, a new system for returning the rented items to us will be introduced. The rental price will now also include return postage, with a pre-paid and addressed Royal Mail special delivery sticker included. This will simply need to be dropped off at any post office, with full tracking included as standard to ensure the safe return of all items. The cost of postage for all options will now be £16, plus £4 for every additional item.

Once we receive your rental request we will contact you to confirm availability and take your payment details. We aim to respond to all transceiver rental requests within one working day but at peak times this may not be possible. Any requests received before a weekend or bank holiday may therefore not receive a response until the following working day at the earliest. Please note:

  • There is no postage to overseas addresses
  • There is a £150 deposit for each transceiver. This £150 charge applies to each individual transceiver on the rental that is returned damaged or not returned
  • Up to ten transceivers can be rented per request
  • Full season rental is not permitted
  • Request for hire must be submitted a week before your trip to guarantee delivery

Transceiver Options

The following models of transceiver are available for hire (hire is always subject to availability):

  • Ortovox – 3+
  • BCA – Tracker 2 (limited stock) and DTS Tracker
  • Mammut – Element (limited stock)
  • Pieps – DSP Tour (limited stock)

If you have any questions about these, or any transceivers please call the Ski Club's Member Services Department on 020 8410 2009, Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm.

Terms and Conditions For The Hire Of Equipment

The terms and conditions set out below shall be the basis of all Contracts of Hire Ski Club of Great Britain. The hirer shall mean any person entering into a rental agreement with the Ski Club of Great Britain for the hire of avalanche safety equipment. Acceptance of goods and services from us implies that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions.

The Period of Hire:

  • The period of hire shall commence with the hirer taking possession of the equipment
  • Each hire period runs for the duration of ten calendar days, or. Multiples thereof
  • The hired equipment will be dispatched to the hirer via Royal Mail Special Delivery service. A pre addressed envelope for the return of equipment will also be provided. the hirer shall be liable for physical loss and damage and delay to the equipment when returned to the Ski Club via any method other than the pre paid Royal Mail service


  • The hirer will satisfy himself on taking possession of all equipment that it is in good working order and in undamaged condition
  • All equipment on hire remains the property of Ski Club of Great Britain
  • The hirer shall have no authority to transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of hire

Damage or Loss to Equipment Hired:

  • It shall be the absolute responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safe keeping of equipment and the hirer will indemnify the Ski Club in respect of any loss or damage howsoever caused whilst in the hirer’s possession
  • All damage or loss will be notified the Ski Club (or as soon as practicable) following which the goods must be returned to the Ski Club for repair
  • The hirer shall be liable to pay the full cost of repair and / or replacement of any equipment lost or damaged beyond repair with reference to new equipment of the same or nearest available specification

Rental Fees:

  • During the Rental agreement the hirer will pay the rental fee of £20 per period of rental, per number of units requested
  • In addition, a sum of £20 will be charged for postage and return, plus an additional £4 per further unit requested

Member Responsibility:

  • Transceivers are highly recommended pieces of equipment for all off piste activities and if used properly may dramatically increase the chances of finding a buried person after an avalanche. It is important that before venturing off piste you know how to use your transceiver correctly and effectively. If you do not know how to use the enclosed transceiver, gain training before using it in a mountain situation
  • Avalanche transceivers should always be carried alongside an avalanche probe and shovel. Possession of one without all three will not afford adequate protection in the event of an avalanche

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