But as appears to be the case in much of Iran, governmental opinion doesn't reflect that of the masses, and the private sector is awash with individuals who recognize the country's potential and are doing what they can to promote it.

Facts & Figures
Currency Iranian Rial (IRR)
Time zone GMT +3.5
Country code +98
Ambulance 115
Police 110
Fire 125


Rewarding cultural experience 

Resorts are all less busy

The food. Opportunities for unusual gastronomic experiences are rife. 

Cheapest skiing available to man

Friendly and approachable people


The complications and expense of getting a visa can be a bane.

The ‘winter Ibiza’ cliché could be wheeled out to describe Iran’s nightlife. Though this will undoubtedly delight some people.

Communication difficulties – English isn’t nearly as widely spoken as in other countries.

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