There is a sheer otherworldliness to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a place in which, at least for most of us, is likely to produce more than a mild culture shock.


The weather in the Alborz Mountains of Iran is so strange that in Tehran's wealthier districts to the north of the city it can be dumping while the rest of the city enjoys bluebird conditions. Hence, Shemshak and Dizin frequently get great snow, but Iran's southerly latitude and warmer climate means that it can melt very quickly.

When to go

Opening times of the Iranian resorts are variable thanks to their less predictable snowfall. In all cases, January and February are the coldest and most reliable months for snow, so they're the best bet.

Off Piste policy

Iran doesn't really have ski patrollers in the normal sense of the world, and they're certainly not versed in the ways of the avalanche transceiver. Iranian riders don't venture off-piste much.

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