EcoSki, a retail platform dedicated to only selling and re-purposing more environmentally friendly kit, has launched with a unique rental platform, allowing skiers and riders to look and ski their best this winter without breaking the bank or the Earth.

EcoSki launched in December 2020, the brainchild of entrepreneur and mum-of-three Rachael Westbrook. Planning on returning to the snow with the children in tow, the realisation of paying for three complete sets of ski gear, “with no idea what to do once they’d outgrown it”, inspired Rachael to act to help reduce the impact on both her wallet and the environment.

Dedicated to sourcing sustainable ski gear, EcoSki works only with brands who are commitment to reducing their overall environmental and social footprint. Sustainability highlights of the kit includes being PFC free, recycled and/or recyclable, bio-sourced, free of toxic dyes and responsibly sourced and produced. Alongside new gear, EcoSki also sell pre-loved kit as well as repairing and cleaning products to provide like-new performance and help prolong the life of each garment.

Working with other partners in the industry, including Bluebird Exchange, Rachael is committed to helping create a more “circular and sustainable way of acquiring ski kit”. Via the take back, repairs, rental, pre-loved and recycling services they will be helping keep kit in circulation, and out of landfill.  

As part of this commitment, EcoSki aims to send zero waste to landfill. They have partnered with a local recycling centre who will take on any items that can no longer be repaired or re-homed. EcoSki has also challenged the company to develop new and innovative solutions to ensure that they can recycle every part of a ski boot, ski or helmet! 

Through this bold approach to environmental sustainability, EcoSki aims to provide skiers and boarders with the perfect platform to source high performance ski gear whilst also reducing their impact on the planet.

In summer 2021, EcoSki launched the UK’s first online gear rental platform. Working with the same sustainable brands as for their sales platform, EcoSki hopes to solve one of the biggest problems facing individuals and families every season; how to try new gear in its intended environment, or kitting out youngsters, without the risk of having to abandon kit if it isn’t quite right or grown out of by next winter!

EcoSki’s gear rental scheme gives you the chance to kit out the whole family in top-of-the-range, sustainable ski gear, for less than buying just a single jacket. With quick and easy shipping and returns, EcoSki’s gear rental is a cost effective and stress free way to wear high performance, sterilised ski wear at a very affordable price.