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Whether it’s sporting challenges, magical hikes or a whole variety of other pleasures, winter in the Bernese Oberland offers a host of experiences to delight all your senses.

Admire the spectacular mountain scenery, feel the wind in your face as you whiz downhill on the slopes, sample unique culinary treats and enjoy the peace and quiet in a fragrant steam bath.

 A Snow-Filled Day on the Slopes

There is nothing as beautiful as passing through a winter world of glittering snow – and if you know the Bernese Oberland you will be sure to agree. As you marvel at the unforgettable panorama of the spectacular Bernese Alps the speed and comfort of your journey will be the last thing on your mind. So pack your skis, snowboards or your cross-country skis and experience for yourself the memorable combination of beautifully groomed pistes and impressive panoramic views.

Winter, Woods, Walking

Winter has arrived at places away from the ski slopes too. There is untouched snow just waiting to be crossed. The magic of winter transforms even a short walk on familiar paths into a whole new experience. Where there once were forest glades there are now mountains of snow; where there once were trees lined up in orderly fashion, there are now snow-laden branches hanging down. Whether with or without snowshoes – don’t miss the chance to go on a winter hike through the enchanting and snow-covered forests in the Bernese Oberland.

Re-energise and time-out

After an active winter’s day in the great outdoors, your body and mind will be longing for some warmth and relaxation. Enjoy a peaceful and leisurely time as you soak in heated or mineralised water, or while receiving a massage or some other soothing wellness treatment. Recharge your batteries for when you get home, or for your next winter’s day in the Bernese Oberland. Enjoy some quality “ME-time” for a change!

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Tasty Treats from the Kitchen

 The winter cuisine in the Bernese Oberland is out of this world. It is in winter especially that our hot cheese specialties, delicate meat dishes and exquisite herbs and spices will work their magic on you. Our varied culinary delights will warm you up from the inside out and infuse you with strength for the next winter’s day. Let our chefs treat you like royalty!