With Christmas right around the corner and the season beginning, we are definitely in the mood for some festive skiing!

Here are our top 5 festive Santa videos by Saskia Bell

Go Pro Human Flying Drone

Ever thought you would see Santa 20 feet in the air hovering over snow-topped houses? No, neither did we. Casey Neistat takes drones to new heights (and weights) by making a ‘Human Flying Drone’. Dressed as Santa, Casey is pulled along the snow-covered streets of Lapland on a snowboard with a GoPro to film the adventure. The team worked on the drone for a year, slowly testing and tweaking it until it was definitely able to hold a human’s weight, then collecting a team to pull off this unbelievable footage. This is definitely a Christmas miracle!

Santa Claus skis Whistler, BC

A day in the life of Santa... (on the slopes of course). Filmed on a GoPro, either mounted on his head or a ski pole, this video gives a real insight into the joy Santa brings to people. This man is definitely feeling the Christmas spirit, as he skis through Whistler B.C, in Canada.

Santa Shreds Big Sky on Christmas Day

Another great Christmas video, Santa takes on the sky like he has never done before (without his sleigh) and tackles the slopes by skis. He is still flying, even without his reindeer, and shows off his skills and style over many jumps. Who knew Santa could do the splits mid-air?

Santa Flips out: A very Jackson Hole Christmas Story

Santa’s elves manage to get out of the workshop for the day and all the way to the slopes (with Father Christmas hot on their heels!). This shredding Santa chases his work-shy elves through the snowy mountains via skis, showing off a bunch of tricks and jumps along the way! This Christmassy video made by a family of four is definitely one to get you in the spirit!

Santa skiing the streets

Probably one of the less conventional Santa skiing videos, this one takes place in Rhos, North Wales. Through the streets of the town (in between cars and traffic) Santa Claus trades in his trusty reindeer for a Range Rover! He is still spreading the Christmas cheer though, with well wishes and chocolatey treats for the younger generation! A heart-warming video that we are sure must have entailed a couple of attempts and definitely some bruises!