He was the first of the Italian new-school freestylers. Here Markus Eder talks to Ski Club about how a group of snowboarders changed the path of his life, winning the 2019 Freeride World Tour and why you'll never catch him in the gym


My job in a nutshell

Travelling the world, searching for awesome places with awesome snow, making friends and ultimately widening my horizons in order to keep reinventing myself and finding new challenges. My skis are my vehicle.

How it all began

I grew up in Skiworld Ahrntal, the most northern valley of Italy. I started skiing at the age of three. According to my mother, I wouldn't stop going on about wanting to ski just like my older sister. So my mother took my sister's old plastic skis and put me on the cross-country ski track behind our house. And that was the start.
I was an alpine racer for many years but quit when I was 14 years old. I was over doing drills. I wanted to decide for myself what skiing I did. Up until that point I had no idea something like freeskiing existed. The following winter I got in touch with the local snowboard crew. They were all older than me. They showed me freeskiing and the ways I wanted to live. That’s when the best time of my life started.

My typical day

I don't have one – there is no boss nor coach to give me rhythm in my life as a skier. My days change from year to year, from season to season and from month to month, depending on my goals, snow conditions, ideas and projects.
I’m not the guy that likes to hang out in the gym all the time, I prefer to combine my training with my hobbies: climbing, biking, skateboarding, hiking... so my training days always depend on what my friends are up to. I love to do those things, I get incredibly fanatic and so I push myself much harder without it feeling like workout.
Also the fact that I’m on the road most of the time – I travel for eight months during the skis season, from Canada to Japan – doesn’t help developing a ‘typical day’ but having a more consistent lifestyle is definitely a big goal for me in the future.
Daniele Molineris/Red Bull Content Pool

The highlight of my career so far...

Was getting second place at the Red Bull Linecatcher in Vars in 2011. It opened so many doors for me and was also the point in my life where I really found my own path. I’m incredibly thankful for that. And I think the equal highlight was being crowned World Champion at the 2019 Freeride World Tour. I wanted it so much, and it wasn’t easy.

What I love most about my job...

The joy I get while doing it.

The hardest part is...

To truly appreciate [what I’m doing] and be satisfied.

If I had to choose one place to ski for the rest of my life...

My home resort of Skiworld Ahrntal. I know it better than any other place in the world. My childhood friends are still there and the more I gain experience the more I find new possibilities to express my skiing; I know my home mountain by heart but every time I come back I seem to find new jumps to hit, and new lines to explore.

Future plans...

To be healthy, ski hard for a long time, live more environmentally responsible, find new goals and keep reinventing myself so I can always have fun learning new things.
Daniele Molineris/Red Bull Content Pool